Thanks Bill. This is an area ive been needing help in for a while. Ive been pretty much just getting by talking to girls, but i notice that i need some serious help when it comes to starting conversations and keeping them going. And its not just hot girls that i have a tough time coming up with something to say. Ive pretty much been an introvert all my life up until the last 4 years and it wasnt until the last year that i started to really put a conscious effort into getting this part of my life figured out. I'm a bouncer at a dance club where i live, and im not bad looking AT ALL, so ive kinda been relying on this to interact with women. Im pretty cocky/funny, and Ive used some openers ive seen, like "Do I look gay, cause...." and theyve been pretty successful, but im looking for something more than canned openers. I need to figure out a way for conversation to flow naturally. So if anybody has any advice on what to do, what kinda of books to get on the subject, or where to go to learn this stuff, it will be very helpful. Thanks. -Toothpick