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    Mink Guest

    Exclamation The ON Button Gimmick

    The ON Button Gimmick by Mink

    After rereading The Game, I wanted a "PUA tattoo".
    The PUA tattoo, as described in The Game, is "a heart on the right wrist, directly over the pulse".
    I've been a PUA for almost three years now, and Mystery was one of my original favorites. What he teaches helped build me from the ground up, and I thought I'd like to have a token of appreciation and sense of community in the form of this "PUA tattoo".
    After brainstorming a bit, I came up with a way to preserve some originality, by replacing te heart with a spade. This seemed to fit me, since I've always loved card magic since the day my best friend and I saw Mr.Marik perform on Japanese TV 10 years ago.
    Ultimately though, I moved away from the idea of card pips, and came up with an idea with my natural friend.
    We wanted it to be interactive, fun, original, a conversation starter. As soon as we had the chance, we got ON buttons on our wrists.

    Surprisingly, this SKY-ROCKETED my game.

    First of all, it helps when a random girl notices and asks me if she can press it. Game on.
    But mostly, I tend to use it when I want to solidify a Number Close. This is what I do.
    1. Approach as usual, keep a fun vibe.
    2. Number close with my NLP qualification close (more about this in a later post)
    3. "Before you go, I have to show you something...... Do you want to press my ON button?"
    4. As soon as she complies, reel her in for a hug.

    As I've figured out over time, this last bit of Kino really sets the standard for the future interactions in store. In addition, this follows Bait-Hook-Reel-Release in a really efficient and fun way. Asking for a hug before a stranger leaves is socially weird, but this has been a good way for me to bypass it.

    Sometimes when I'm wanting to kiss close in an unconventional way on a day 2, I take her arm and draw an ON button on her wrist too. (This is usually accompanied with negs like "Since I got an ON button, you should think about getting an easy button on your butt or something. No? Here's an ON button then.") If I set the frame right, this will immediately turn into a kiss close when I press her button. If it doesn't, I'll just use another kiss close gambit and stack it.

    A way to use this to combat LMR is by having her press it before sex.
    This usually (and strangely) makes her rationalize in my favor. If it doesn't, and the LMR persists it's been really effective to proceed anyways via "I know, we shouldn't be doing this..." and "It's an ON button, you can't just press it and turn me off again". If it persists further, I Freeze Out.

    This gimmick tattoo has single-handedly pushed my game farther than anything else so far. I love it because it has many uses, and all of them are effective and fun.
    As of today, me and my two best friends have them (we go in field often), and one of their cousins also has one too.

    (deleted link - BP)

    Anybody have good ideas on other tattoos, etc. that would help game?
    Last edited by Bill Preston; 11-28-2010 at 07:07 PM.

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    Default Re: The ON Button Gimmick

    Love it... post a pic here (instead of linking to FB)

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    Mink Guest

    Default Re: The ON Button Gimmick

    Thanks man, here's a pic.
    As you can tell mine is small. The guy who got his with me has it really large and neon colored. Yet another one of my friends has his diagonal in the same size as mine.
    We're experimenting with size and placement to see what's effective.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The ON Button Gimmick-on2.jpg  

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