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Thread: DAY GAME

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    AppleOranges Guest

    Default DAY GAME

    They alwaz say dont hate tha playa hate tha game and i hav 2 agree with that post. THis my first post, but long time lurkin. Love pickup...SCREW NATURALS n e ways nuff bout me

    Here is my situation::
    First girl i aproachd I used a failsafe opener. We were in a major bookstore and I opened with "hey do you have tha time?" problem is right after i opend i rmemberd i had a wristwatch on so the hb9 just looked at me and laughed and eventually gave me the time. i was kinda embarrased said thanks and walked away now that i think bout it tho the fct she gave the time is a major ioi and the laughing is a shit test i couldve plowed through...ugh...thou ghts?

    Next set:
    After bookstore I went to a coffeeplace and there were a 2set both were hb8s or hotter (latina i think) i decided 2 open the group w/a backturn (my target was tha one wit the tight lakers shirts mmm lol) convo went like this

    Me: hey guys...i hav 2 get back to my friends in a min but i have a question?
    HB8: we saw you come into the werent wit anyone (def a shit test)
    Me: (i look @ tha other HB) is this gurl always like this?
    otherhb8: i dont know
    Me: well im jus gonna hav 2 find out (with a big grin)
    hb8: no you are not

    the hb8 looks at her friend that points at tha door and they grab their stuff nd leave. they forgot to brin their coffee wit them...i thought that was a ioi so i grabbd tha coffee nd looked for them in tha mall nd couldnt find them

    idk what i did wrong on this set...i kno i couldve been more alpha nd dominant but i thught my cocky funny was good and negging was solid, werte there other iois that i couldve threadded into and then went into dhv?

    please help
    thx guys nd glad to be here

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    Quote Originally Posted by AppleOranges View Post
    First girl i aproachd I used a failsafe opener. We were in a major bookstore and I opened with "hey do you have tha time?" problem is right after i opend i rmemberd i had a wristwatch on so .......ugh...thought s?
    um, just one. That 'failsafe' return is infinitely more effect whilst NOT wearing a wrist watch or openly carryign a cell phone.

    as far as the girls, sounds liek you might have been lackign a little congruence and they were just 'shit testing' but decided to jet. Sounds like you made a good attempt, take time i nthe field to really calibrate to whats going to be right when and lower the b shield. Keep at it.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    The problem here was two bad openers. Your comback to the second was good in my opinion, but the third thing can come off wrong if you have not built rapport, or if you are not a naturally innocent looking guy (aka a "Dustin" if you read The Game - I have this going for me too, I'm a baby face, so I can get away with more cocky). You may have just creeped them out. That's ok, we all get burnt here and there playing the game. Not too long ago I got burnt on Facebook, but it happens.

    The first girl you should have opened with a question - magic spells is my favorite, and I imagine it's nice for a bookstore given all the fantasy books and crap. The second girls, probably something similar.

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    AppleOranges Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    Aight def true bro im gonna double check nd never use tha "what time is it?" opener with a watch hah

    Do ya think direct iz betta? Say i open with somethin like "i saw your sexy figure right when i came in and i would be kicken myself in tha knee if i didnt come over nd at least find out if more met the eye?"
    ...think ill test tis one out at the park nd bookstore tomorrow aftrnooon

    nd bro i read the game, its ma fuckin bible bro...i love Indirect Game but i think im gonna try dirct tomorrow with thatt openr nd then test out ma new stack plz gmme some feed back on it:

    approach iz direct.. then go in2 asking them what they are up to(get shitty response, of course theres nothing I can build upon lolo), a
    ... thn go in2 talkin some physical activity I did earlier tha day (tennis game/off road racing) to activ8 health indicator attraction switch
    ... talk bout goin out with friends tha previus night/cocktal/beer pong party 2 sho socail proff. This only takes 2 minutes. Any other cocky funnny push/pull, bantersimilar I can try 2 do in daygame?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    I wouldn't be that direct, I think that particular line is a bad idea, it comes off as another AFC pick up line. Just start a conversation, that's the goal of the opener. Your routine does not dhv at all. Many guys are active and we've all played beer pong and have gone out with friends. You're almost demonstrating lower value, at least in the eyes of some girls, particularly with beer pong (not knocking beer pong). I don't know what you do for work/charity/spirituality but DHV.

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    AppleOranges Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    lol okk bro...i dint c ur post in tyme nd i went 2 tha field b4 i red ur messg nd hav sum funnny/awsum shit...nbut i need ur advic like mad

    i did tha opner i said avboeve: "i saw your sexy figure right when i came in and i would be kicken myself in tha knee if i didnt come over nd at least find out if more met the eye?" .... did itt on 7 sets on tha street nd tha park

    6 of tha sets tha gurls sed sumthin like wtf or r u fukin kiddin me..but i learnd from mpuas nevr to take a womanz firsts response @ face value...they were def shit after they did there sh1t tests i said sumthin long tha lines of: "your jus sayin tat bc ur attractd to an amazin man like me" they wud prety much walk a way after i said that :/ ...i think its becuz i did my neg b4 i dhv'd nd rappored...mayb now tat i think bout i did ma openrs str8 on wit no backturn witch may hav displaed interst

    but 1 of tha girulz i stopped outside btween tha bank nd bagel shop i usd that opennr nd that guril sed "haha thanks sorry im in a rush" my reply wuz a lil diff i sed "wat steps can we take to cuntinue tis conversaztion"...she sayz "idk" i stand there smilin lookin at her she seays b4 i say anythin "wuts ur name ill add u on fb?" (ioi ) so i gave her my name nd im waitin on tha friernd request ... ...... fb close

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    Default Re: DAY GAME

    well u got one good close. congrats!!!!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: DAY GAME

    Aye! One is better than none. However!!! I recommend you purchase Style Life Challenge on Amazon, so you can learn some routines and how to develop them, because you would be really good if you had better openers. You sound like a fun guy with some high energy, but you need to develop conversation skill ala Steve Nash (Playboy in The Game) style. I recommend How To Get a Girlfriend by Nash, I got it like 2 nights ago and I read through about 150+ plus pages already because it's so good - the book is only like 200 pages long. Amazing. Actually, it kinda changed my life, I decided Divinity school was for me when I am 50, and to go get a bachelor pad and a lobbying job in DC, where the male to female ratio is like 30/70 (some say it's the best city for a single guy in the world), and the nightlife is by far the best in any city I've come across. I digress, I digress. But this book explains how to hook a girl in with conversation skills, and it would really help your day game. I think Nash is a day game expert, and he focuses on getting the perfect GF rather than getting laid as often as possible which is at least different and pretty cool.

    I know I totally recommended you like $35 worth of material, but it's solid. I would prioritize Nash.

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