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    Galore Guest

    Default Want to approach a hot new student

    hey guys,
    theres one girl that caught my eye in my university. i think she's fresh. i'm in my last year. how do u suggest me to sarge her?

    just a little bit more information, my university is different than other colleges around the world because nobody lives in dorms, u come to the university at the morning and leave back home in the evning. no fraternity parties etc.
    there are a lot of age differences in every year, so the freshmen can be in my age, younger or older.
    plus, freshmen dosnt look up for senior students.

    please help!

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Want to approach a hot new student

    I dont mean to flame but you sound a little naive saying that because there arent dorms or on campus living that their aren't frat parties or jock/team based school parties and or get togethers.

    regardless, you gotta sarge girls where you find them. you don't mention if you have class with her or any other social pre connection.. a couple years age is no problem. charge her and sarge her. ooze confidence and report back

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    Galore Guest

    Default Re: Want to approach a hot new student

    thanx mite,
    but in israel we don't have frat parties or jock/sport team parties. i guess we have jocks in the university, but nobody knows about it. we have parties, but it's not like in american colleges where every student comes to those parties. we usually go out with our social academic circle to pubs\clubs etc. once in a while we have a huge party.
    anyhow, she's not having class with me.
    i see her walking around. what's next?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Want to approach a hot new student

    I understand, it's like a European university, there are usually no dorms or anything in them.

    If you need to, use a canned opener. If you can't handle it after opening, you have a lot to work on. Just go up and open her. Also, age is rather meaningless. I'm 23 and 18 year old girls have asked me out. Honestly, I think age is a total nonissue unless you're on the Internet.


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