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when you say pheromones you mean like Cologne
I think they actually sell pheromones. I'm not sure if they work because I have never tried them.

I actually stopped wearing cologne over three years ago and stopped using deodorant two years ago. I don't need too. I don't smell bad. I think it's better for a woman to get your natural scent/pheromones. I've had allot of women tell me I smell good since this time and I'm wearing nothing.

I read that men and women like the natural smell of each other if they are genetically different and would make good mates. It's an evolutionary response to reduce inbreeding. I really think it's accurate. One of my exes would jump all over me every time I started sweating and telling me how good I smelled. She could be in a terrible mood and if I started sweating she would be ready to go no matter where we were. I literally had to beat her off in public places. It was like a light switch.