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    RokStarz Guest

    Default How to get over approach anxiety!

    OK, this sounds crazy but I have learned how to 100% get over Approach Anxiety. It works every single time and is both fun and amazing. Trust me, once you do this, approaching anyone, anywhere will be simple.

    1. Think of something completely crazy that makes you seem like a total and complete loser.
    2. Make sure it is not mean or hurtful to other people, don't make fun of other people, only yourself or say something that makes you look really strange.
    3. Go up to a hot girl (or girls and say it).

    RS: Hello, my name is RokStarz. I love bunny rabbits. Do you like them also?
    HB: Uhm. Sure.
    RS: Do you know why I like them so much?
    HB: Uhm. No idea.
    RS: Because I like to make love to them. (Big smile).
    HB: You are creepy... bye.

    Now that is the worst possible scenario, and it really doesn't feel that bad. In fact, it really is an example of the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I do this all the time, and once my approach anxiety is out of the way, I can have fun chatting with total strangers and have a blast.

    Try it.. post your experiences.


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    Sam Guest


    That sounds both amazing and scary. I have to try it. I am going out tonight to practice some of my PUA routines, so I think I will do this first to loosen up.


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    CityGirlCarm Guest


    Um, who says you have to totally embarrass yourself?

    If you're meeting new people for the first time, come up to them and introduce yourself. If they're taken or don't want to meet you, worst case scenario is they'll let you know.

    No need to totally embarrass yourself. Just BE yourself.


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