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    Stoneee Guest

    Default Met a girl a party now what?

    well i met this girl at a party, so engaged her we danced for a while then hooked up for a solid amount of time. she seemed to be really passionate about it and now i really like her. she gave me her number and said "text me in an hour to hangout" so i did but, no response. its been about a day since and figured if i want her i should txt her or something. but i really dont want to f it up. i planned on taking her to music show on campus and seeing where things went. i just need some advice and direction on how to do this. or if u suggest doing any thing im glad to hear it, thxx
    Also i am a college student and have never been sucessful with girls until college so im still learning

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    SoonerSteve44 Guest

    Default Re: Met a girl a party now what?

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