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Thread: New Technique

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    Raven Guest

    Default New Technique

    Hey guys,

    Last night I found a new technique that's gold. I was talking to this cute girl, and we started talking about studying, and she said she wanted to study something together over the break. I asked her if she had my number, and we took out our phones (which were almost the same, she thought that was so cute, lol) and I gave her my numero. When she was saving the contact, I told her she could make my name "Dr. Awesome." It was a cocky comment, but it was done with a big smile, almost laughing. Basically, the new technique here is to tell a girl what to name yourself in her phone. I want to test this one out a bit more, and I would change the name depending on the mood in the air, but it would be something pro-Raven, so to speak, all the time.

    Anyway, she told me she has nicknames for lots of people in her phone, so I talked about the nickname I had for my brother and why he earned it (and she said he was retarded after - my thoughts exactly, so I know I found a good girl here). So, have a few nicknames in your phone and a good, funny story behind them.

    One other thing, I was flirting with another girl, when this girl intruded on our convo. It seems like jealousy really helps you out. I'm going to go talk to that other girl again next time I'm in this particular location again, because I never got her name, and she was super interested.

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    trishabcarson Guest

    Default New Online Service

    Hey... Good technique to flirt with a woman, it is normal in new world, so there are many tips.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: New Technique

    I also nickname them in my phone. I start acting like a pirate at some point during a date, messing around, and change their name to Lusty Wench and show them. Puts flirting into high, high gear, and it's pretty funny. Some girls might get a little offended with that one, so know your girl.

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    Default Re: New Technique

    haha nice, i like it. diffidently will be used.


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