Anyone have a good idea on the best approach when visiting another city with former hookups?

Brief background: Both of these girls live in LA, and I've messed around with each them for a night before (but did not f-close). I haven't been back to LA for a year, but since then we've exchanged a few texts and messages online - All friendly and all flirtatious.

I'll be in LA for a few days on the weekend, and was hoping to see one or both of them. So, I sent roughly the same message below to both of them and... No response. Nothing. This is quite unusual for them (both usually respond almost instantly). So, any ideas on the next move? I can always find something else to do out there but would like to at least take a shot at one or both of them as they're both 8-pluses. Anyway to recapture their attention and ideally force a response of some kind? This was my message:

This was my message: Hola! How you doing? Been a while... I'm going to be in town over the weekend of Dec. 18th - We should catch up! I don't know the exact dates yet, but it will be that weekend so let's meet up! Hope you're well - Look forward to seeing you.