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    Question How To Meet A Cougar

    Hey guys,

    Any advice on how to meet or seduce a cougar?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: How To Meet A Cougar

    The 2 ways I have met them is:

    Working in a professional environment that involved a lot of networking, and via involvement in nonprofit organizations. I wouldn't think of them as cougars, so much as attractive older women who are willing to date someone younger that attracts them. A cougar is a girl who will exclusively go for younger dudes, but there are plenty of great older women out there who aren't really cougars and would love a handsome younger guy.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: How To Meet A Cougar

    The easiest way but probabaly the worst suggestion is a gay bar or some other bar where such women sit alone in the bar.

    One other place is a group for such women.

    But I'd look for them in highly-stressful fields like sales or advertising. I'm betting if there are single women there, they'd be usually go-getters and wouldn't be coy about liking you, should they find you interesting. And if they happen to be older, so much the better as they'd be more self-assured.

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: How To Meet A Cougar

    Maybe you can also find some in hospitals. Like say, doctors are less likely to be attached 'coz they're too busy. But they're also less likely to beat around the bush if they like you or not (because they ARE too busy). Think about it, it takes so many years to become a doctor so you'll have aged pursuing that. And when you finally have some time for a personal life, would you really wanna hook up with someone as usually unavailable as you?

    Yes, my girl loves watching Grey's Anatomy so much and I'm supportive. Haha.

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    carmend Guest

    Default Re: How To Meet A Cougar

    user banned for inappropriate link

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    defiance Guest

    Default Re: How To Meet A Cougar

    There are many ways to pick up. Some are not too known by the average guy out there and remain secret amongst those who know the GAME so to speak but do not want too many to know. The method must never ever be saturated. I have been going out to sarge for many years and have come up with methods that will lead to success more time than failure.


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