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    steven1 Guest

    Default Become the Alpha Male Now and Attract Women Fast!

    It is no secret that in the animal world, the alpha males have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing females. Same with the human world. When you know how to demonstrate alpha male characteristics, your chances for dating success improve dramatically.

    The alpha male in society is likely to be confident, attractive and wealthy. If you want to become the alpha male, the great news is that you can learn how to quickly and start attracting women fast. By learning how to be an alpha male, you will notice immediate changes in the way that women respond to you in terms of attraction and sexual desire.

    Here are some techniques on how to change the way you think about yourself in order to become the alpha male.

    Becoming the alpha male means you are completely confident in everything you do. You must lead others to believe that you are fully in control of every situation. Do not talk about past failures or how sad you are because of something in your life. You need to display absolute confidence in yourself and lead everyone to believe that your life is going perfectly.

    2. Be a little cocky around women
    When you are flirting with or talking to women, try and use cocky humor to elevate yourself among those around you. Do not be a jerk about it; just talk yourself up a little bit. Talk about some past “crazy” girls in your life that you once dated and fell for you. Anything that will make the people around you think you have had a long list of conquests.

    3. Control your body language
    This is probably the most important aspect in how to become the alpha male. You need to display your confidence by the way you hold yourself. Stand up straight and take big strides. If you are sitting, take up as much space as possible. Put your leg up on something; put your arm up of the back of the chair or sofa. Anything to take up space. You need to be in control of your body language and the signals you are sending everyone.

    4. Be masculine
    Being a masculine male is the pinnacle of becoming the alpha male. This means, try and lower the tone of your voice by speaking from your abdomen, not your nose. You must also display control over your emotions. Alpha males tend not to be over emotional about things. You must keep your emotions under control, especially when talking to the women you want to attract.

    5. Take the lead
    When in a group, try and do things that put you in a leadership position. Tell people where the group is headed, tell a buddy of yours to grab you a drink or tell a girl to sit down next to you. To become an alpha male, you must be able to show leadership qualities. Women are absolutely attracted to this .

    6. Be unpredictable
    Try and do things that people are not expecting. Being the leader in the group, you need to do things that will continue to gain the attention and attraction of those around you. Surprise everyone with a round of drinks, give a little gift to the girl you are trying to attract or send a sexy text message to the woman you are trying to pick up. Anything that makes you stand out against the other guys there. Unpredictability will do this.

    7. Be decisive
    When making a decision with the group or when flirting with the girl you want, be decisive with what you are saying. Make concrete statements about how things are and how you feel about them. Do not try and please everyone there by going along with what they are saying. Be your own confident man and be decisive about what you want. Women will be attracted to this and it will be easier for you to become the alpha male.

    8. Wear pheromones
    Pheromones are a great and easy way to elevate yourself in the crowd. They are the secret weapon you have to become more confident and attractive to women. Whatever it takes, become the confident man you know you can be. Using pheromones can help.

    9. Make what you say count
    Do not over extend yourself by talking too much. Alpha males say the right thing at the right time and then gain respect from everyone. Do not mumble over words and you must say everything with intensity. This will show your confidence and women will be attracted to it.

    10. Flirt with women
    Yes, flirting with women shows your dominance, especially around other men making it easier to become the alpha male. If you are at a place with a lot of men and not a lot of women, go up to the girls and start talking to them. Believe us, this will get the attention of all the other guys in the room and your status will be elevated drastically. It will also prove yourself to the women there.
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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Become the Alpha Male Now and Attract Women Fast!

    Awesome list! There's some things here I need to really internalize. I recently started working on my voice, specifically talking from the abdomen, since I have a light voice. It makes a massive difference. Even saying hi from the abdomen to a girl with confidence can be a good opener I learned.

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