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    Tempt9 Guest

    Question The pickup artists 1&2

    Hello there. Im new here on the forums but i intend to get really far with this game... So i would like to know if the tv shows "the pickup artists" 1 and 2 could become greaet in the field?. I watched the show like 3times now and i think alot of this stuff is great.. So, can i rely on these pickup lines, negs, openers, body language and so on?

    Btw.. love these forums.
    Thank you
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    LoveLab Guest

    Default Re: The pickup artists 1&2

    I've only watched like, the first I can't really comment too much on the show itself. And, I'm more of an inner game guy take my comments as you will. My opinion is, any canned material you get from a hugely popular TV show is going to be next to worthless, especially if you use it verbatim. Body language is more of a general principle, so those ideas are probably good for you to take. And even with lines, they work because of the principle behind them, not because of the specific words being used. So, I'd suggest studying the show not by memorizing the lines and routines they use, but by analyzing the principles behind them and asking yourself "why does that particular method work?"

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: The pickup artists 1&2

    elaboratin on the subject ..the show has been watched widely so a lot openers r known n old ..take the bigger idea of openers & negs ..a lot of opinion openers were successful because they engaged the women/sets in thinking in order to response n then had a funny story n punchline to follow
    negs - u can neg a girl wit simple things u dont have to the use the same ones everytime wit every girl u tell one girl when she smiles she reminds of alvin from the chipmunks but dats ok cus shes cute or watever then another shes not short shes fun-sized
    body language - id say its the principle u could use as in the show dat u r relaxed, confident, friendly, willin to walk away etc
    wit canned material u need to think of the concept behind it n make ur routines n make sure its natural n specific to the girl [two girls at the club mite ask themselves we just chillin here y is dis guy askin me bout flossin rite now lol]

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    Tempt9 Guest

    Default Re: The pickup artists 1&2

    Yea well. Im really into the body rocking part... and the false time line.. and the Kino completely blows me away.
    I never thought about touching a woman slightly to get her used to it before pulling the trigger. I actually remember a girl touching me on the shoulder and all that, and for some reason i got to like her pretty bad for doing so.

    And, im living in Denmark where only few people have watched the pickup artists and even less have tried it. That's why i think the openers and negs from the tv-show is an excellent way to start my career as PUA

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    jasonb Guest

    Default Re: The pickup artists 1&2

    Hey, if you want to get started-

    Forget his show it's just some publicity won't get the full theory out of this shows because the series is cut and such..

    Get something ELSE from mystery! I don't know whether it's allowed or not to write the name of his books...but as you maybe know already mystery has published two books...the newer one is apparently the better one!

    and don't rely too much on canned material dude trust me on this...

    and if you may got some Approach Anxiety write a thread or contact me via pm (why? you can read my introduction thread ^^ )

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    Tempt9 Guest

    Default Re: The pickup artists 1&2

    Would love to hear some things about aa if you like to tell me

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