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    johnnywalker Guest

    Default train pick-up semi-fail

    So I met a girl on the train. I'm chalking it up as practice in talking to strangers because I didn't get a number or name because I didn't ask. (And I'm a n00b). I had her laughing and having a good time. She was on her way to the airport (she had a big suitcase and the airport is the end of the line) and my opener was "I hope you're going somewhere warmer than here." I got her talking and laughing using C&F. We talked until my stop and she goes to school in the same building I work in. I am sure I will run into her again and get a date. But this is my question-- I was thinking of continuing the convo past my stop and then saying that I missed it. But instaead of getting off and taking a train the other direction to start a role-play. It would go like this:"I missed my stop but now we can pretend we're an old married couple and I'll see you off at the gate. For the rest of the way we have to bicker because we'll never work're too stubborn and such." Blah blah blah role play. And then go for a kiss-close at the gate. This didn't happen, but I thought of it after.

    My question is would that sound needy or could it work?

    Elaborations? Ideas?

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    LoveLab Guest

    Default Re: train pick-up semi-fail

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnywalker View Post
    My question is would that sound needy or could it work?
    I'd say you should probably have just gone confidently for the number. But it could really depends. If you were really building some strong rapport and attraction, then sure. If you're relying on it as a routine, then probably not. The reason I say that is because...well, you didn't go for the number. Why?? Be honest with yourself, were you too nervous? Don't get me wrong, being nervous is not the issue. Letting being nervous stop you from going for something is.

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