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    Nubbi Guest

    Default How Technical is technical?

    While talking to a girl and you know, building up interest in yourself by talking about what you know (say, your field of study, your hobbies), how do you keep from boring them?

    Like, i'm passionate about photography and some girls seem to be really interested in what i'm saying... while some tune out. Only seems to be interested when I make them my subject.

    How technical is technical, anyway? Should I forget about talking shop unless they're into it too? How do you use your knowhow to create social value then?

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: How Technical is technical?

    If you don't see them tuning out, just press on with the shop talk while occasionally explaining in layman's terms. And never go on and on as if you're giving a lecture. What you want is a conversation, not a monologue by you.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How Technical is technical?

    You can surely talk about your passions or field of study without having to use really technical language, unless necessary. I mean, I've talked to this some-kinda specific kind of botanist once and we just discussed rice. Whenever I asked something that he felt will get him talking mumbo jumbo I wouldn't understand, he told me so and would just tell me something like, "But the long and short of it is, it's not that easy to create rice strains because of so many factors, like balancing all the requirements of the plant while also not coming up with something that would have bad side effects on people." I never felt stupid and I was engrossed just the same because he managed to bring a highly-technical something down to my level.

    If you're into photography, then liken aperture to our eyes widening and squinting... that kind of stuff.


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