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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Practice Grounds

    Talking to women is a skill you learn. Learning in environments that allow for relatively easy success will help you gain confidence. Here are some great practice grounds you should maximize:

    1) Weddings
    Weddings make women mushy and naturally open, thus the movie WEDDING CRASHERS. Plus, since you're invited, they're more likely to trust faster since you already have common friends (and who in her right mind will invite someone mental to their wedding, right?).

    2) Concerts / Games
    When spirits are high, women are less guarded. And you already have a thing in common and can just use what's going on as openers.

    3) Parties
    People expect to meet new people at parties. You may find a lack of quality conversations but at least the hot girls are there.

    Don't expect much if you're just starting out. Build confidence first in being able to open and keep a conversation going, and having a stranger warm to you. Then later on, you can start approaching girls in their own space, like at the library.

    Feel free to add other great practice grounds for aspiring puas.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Practice Grounds

    Facebook/Gmail chat/AIM/OkCupid chat -

    It's a slow paced conversation where you can practice. I was able to attract a girl the other night through OKC chat. You can learn how to talk to girls via IM in a way that rightfully balances comfort with attraction - rapport and flirting. In fact, you can get it down pretty darn well. They say competence breeds confidence (I think Mystery first said this), and IM is a way to get competent.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Practice Grounds

    I think though, most people are more chatty and relaxed talking online, so they come across as more engaging. But talk to most IRL and things get boring fast.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Practice Grounds

    I agree with that Pinai. You need to be just as engaging, witty, and flirtatious offline as you are online. But, online chat is an excellent way to practice. That's how the legendary David Deangelo got his start - stalking chicks on AIM, lol.

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    miamipuaintraining Guest

    Default Re: Practice Grounds

    I live in Miami and the best place to approach sets is South Beach. On the actual beach is even better! Oh, and some of the girls are toploess!! Try to be a plus to the conversation or vibe. Bring energy and stay just a little bit above their level to keep the conversation interesting...

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