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Thread: Screening Women

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    Raven Guest

    Default Screening Women

    We talk a lot about meeting women. Where to find them, how to talk to them, attract them, how to be the type they're after, etc. But we rarely talk about what the right kind of girl for us is. Now, this differs from man to man. Ultimately, most guys are looking for that great woman to have an LTR with.

    While we cannot all agree on what the perfect woman looks like, what her values are, and what her personality is like, we can agree on what things are universally bad in a woman. The fact is, not every woman out there is worth getting to know. They screen and test us all the time, but you find that once you get some options and some solid success with women, it aint all peachy. You have a lot of screening and testing to do yourself. I don't even go on a second date with most girls I go out with because they are really not right for me. For example, one I met really just wanted an FB, and that's not how I roll. I could've had her the first date, but that's not the kind of woman I am looking for, so I ended that. I screened her and she failed my test.

    But that's just a personal thing. There are things we all have to screen for. The number one thing I test for is a girl's self confidence. If it's low, she's going to be high-maintenance. The second thing I screen for is openness. If a girl is a closed book that is hard to open, the work becomes tedious, she is being so guarded that you need to work to even get to know her, or even a first date. I find this a lot on dating sites. One girl wouldn't tell me her first name by the 4th message, never mind her number or AIM, so I shut her down. Another wouldn't give me anything after a week of messaging. She said she wanted to know me better (it was quite a few messages), so I shut her down. There were 2 other girls where something similar happened. One wouldn't reply after I asked her for some way to contact her outside of the website, like an AIM or phone number. I am fine with this kind of rejection when I push for contact, because by the 4th or 5th message I should definitely have it - if a girl won't give it it means she is too guarded, guarded to the point where she ruined her chances with me.

    The third thing to screen for is ego. Some girls have a real high ego, and even if you dhv and demonstrate an equal or higher value than her, if she treats the waiters or waitresses at a restaurant like an arrogant witch, she is bad news. When a girl is snobby like this, she ruined her chances with me, because I'm too classy for that type of behavior.

    The last thing a girl needs to have is stable-mindedness. I have a history of being involved with girls with serious mental issues. One girl talked about suicide, another was so depressed it was hard to do anything fun with her sometimes, she was rarely in high spirits. She wanted to sleep a lot.

    So basically, when looking for an LTR, four universal things to screen for are self-confidence, openness, pride and stable-mindedness. What universal values do you guys screen for, and how do you do it? I personally feel self-confidence is the most important, because high-maintenance women are life-destroyers.

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    chulin Guest

    Default Re: Screening Women

    raven bro good topic
    as a quality man one needs to have standards n have quality women. i recently went back in all i was tryin to learn in order to first learn my wat my stickin points r n wat kinda girl im lookin for to meet. also i learned dat a girl is high quality but im not attracteed to her then i could befriend her [dont mean dat a girl is strictly for seducin]
    id say first ..her being interested in u is not a good reason to b interested in her.
    looks r the first portion of the qualifications n she can either build up on it n kill it. [if one is lookin for a hit it a quit it - then looks would b the whole thing but u lookin for nething more then personality kicks in].

    im bringin myself to screen for [bold - wat im lookin for]
    balanced ego - not low self steem/arrogant
    values - social/ethic
    sexually conservative/liberal [second one being the one i like]
    passionate - when it comes to both sexuality n life
    fun - boring/spontaneous
    humor - sarcastic/funny/sadisticdrugs - ok wit liq/not wit drugs
    wat she offers - lovin/caring/sweet/thoughtful

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Screening Women

    That's a real good list. Too often us guys leave who we love or like up to fate and who we come across, but we rarely build a solid list of expected standards. A great woman has her own criteria. A great man needs his own criteria as well. A list of absolutes really helps your game. I go into dates wanting to learn about a girl, and with the upper hand, because instead of trying to impress her, she also has to impress me, and pass my tests. I like all the same things you like, except I would go for the sexually conservative girl, virgin is a huge plus, although it's always hard to get a virgin girl to be cool with my past. Then again, a man needs secrets he should never reveal, I feel. I keep the darker ones to myself, keeps me mysterious.

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