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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Need Help with this Strategy

    It's generally hard to get HB10s responding to you but of course, you'd still wanna go for them. My strategy sometimes is that i'd talk up the not-so-hot ones first in the group, let our chat thaw the HB10 up so that she'd join our chat herself. But sometimes, instead of the HB10 joining in, I just get ignored, or partnered with her friend in her mind, or worse, she shows body language that gets her group to shut me out.

    Really need help on this one. What could I be doing wrong?

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Need Help with this Strategy

    If you're excluding the HB10 out and just really talking to all the other girls, except her, then I wouldn't be surprised. Especially if, as you talk to the other girls, you fail to actually get her attention (thru humor, smarts, etc) and just antagonize her.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Need Help with this Strategy

    Did you just imply that my game sucks and that am not interesting enough? haha. Noted though.

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