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    Raven Guest

    Default I've Stopped Negging And Now Use Compliments

    Lately I have stopped negging girls and I have stopped being cocky funny in favor of a new approach I call Confident/Funny. I am not quite cocky, but I just act really confident. It seems that since I have taken this approach, it doesn't really matter what I say to a girl, as long as I am funny too. And, I have been doing very well by looking a girl in the eye and giving her a genuine compliment, even at the start or near the beginning of an approach.

    Tonight I told a girl I had to talk to her because she had such a warm smile. It charmed the crap out of her it seems. This girl is an HB9 who is has a really bright career ahead of her. I would think to neg this girl before, but instead I was just nice to her, and confident, and it worked. She digs me, and I am totally gonna date her. One of the hottest girls I have attracted all around.

    It seems like complimenting girls does work if you do it in the right way, and negging just isn't me. I love teasing, but negging is just mean. When I see videos with Mystery when he's in the field negging, I cringe, I just, don't like it. Maybe it's a personality thing. At any rate, I learned that negging is stupid, and compliments work if you are totally serious and it's not about her body or hotness.

    I'm starting to rethink all I learned, and severely question David DeAngelo, although some of his stuff was still beneficial to me. What do you guys think about this approach?

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Compliments

    I think it's certainly food for thought. I love how you are thinking out of the box though, it's things like this that help to keep us all improving. It's a continuous project. But I think it's all circumstantial and your ability to pull it off. If the delivery isn't right then you can come across a bit AFC. It would be a good opener if you can then progress to being funny and not just cheesy. But it's certainly something I'm willing to try in field. Keep up the good work!!

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Compliments

    Thanks - I have been trying this and it's very congruent with my personality, which is why I think it works. I think the reason this does not come off as AFC, is because I mean it, and I am randomly approaching a woman and telling her I had to talk to her because she had XXXXX, and to do that takes guts and confidence enough to show that you're not an AFC. It's works so well.

    I think there are different genres of PUA style, and there are different types of men, and different styles will work for them that are congruent with their personality. For me, the charmer works well. It also apparently works best for the types of women I want in my life. I am privileged to be around a lot of successful women, many of which are way more successful than me, and I like the family values type.
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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Compliments

    I feel that at this moment, I cannot say with absolute certainty what works the best for me. But I'm always congruent. I agree that it's definitely the best way to be I find that compliments do work well but just nothing too heavy too early. I'm fortunate that I am quite witty so I find that teasing off of anything I can improvise from works well. But it's always very playful and innocent. I even managed to successfully AMOG 2 orbiters last night, who were with my target (HB 8) by making funny observations about them.

    I really feel like I'm starting to get certain aspects of this now. Field experience is by far the best thing for progress. A good saying that I've found to be true is that confidence breeds more confidence and that is an exceptionally attractive attribute to women.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Compliments

    That is a true saying. I agree, nothing too heavy, and nothing genetics-oriented. Warm smile is about the farthest I go. And it has to be delivered genuinely, confidently, and with a smile. I can do it in a way that's not AFC. It can AMOG the dude who negged her earlier too, because here some other guy is, who is funnier, a great flirt, and he also didn't make any insults. A neg is really a way to lower her value/heighten your own, but if you have value anyway, and you know it, then there's no reason to lower hers. The kind of girl I would really have to neg is probably the kind of girl I wouldn't want to know. I still say things like "you kinda have man hands" or whatever, but I do it teasingly, not as a neg.

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    Default Re: Compliments

    When do you give the complements? Is it as an opener? A closer before a number exchange? Or can you place it at a lull in the conversation?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Compliments

    It depends. This particular girl I opened with something along the lines of: "You have such a warm smile, I had to talk to come say hi." Such an opener is congruent with me though, it works with my look and personality.

    Mind you, I have NOT complimented the girl sense then, besides telling her she or something she does is "cool," "interesting," or "awesome." Somewhere on the next date I plan to complement her sense of style, and her hair, because she has very nice hair. Compliments on her looks need to be spread out or you come off as needy and a total AFC. They also have to be really genuine, and specific, and stay away from eye compliments until at least the third date, the girl has heard an "eyes compliment" from at least 50% of the tards who approached her since 5th grade, so save it for later.

    Another thing you need to do when complimenting is look the girl straight in the eye, and smile the right way. Preferably while there's some sexual Tension in the air.

    I would not compliment at a lull or a Number Close. Just in the course of flirting or, if it's congruent with your personality, as an opener. And if you decide to use it as an opener, remember: Never compliment her genetics.

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