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    Tom Guest

    Question Anyone here try Ross Jeffries' stuff?

    So I went to try the "Manny Martian" routine that Ross Jeffries recommends on his blog. The idea is to walk up to a girl and say "Hi...I just wanted to tell you(PAUSE...PAUSE).. . my name is Manny Martian(extend your hand for her to shake). What's your favorite(pause)flavo r(pause)bowling ball?"

    I said it to about fifteen different women and they had different responses, ranging from laughing to confused. My question is, have any of you guys tried this? Do you think it helps? Do you have any other tips?

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    Blue Guest

    Default Re: Anyone here try Ross Jeffries' stuff?

    I don't get it.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Anyone here try Ross Jeffries' stuff?

    Jeffries is the weirdest foo' I've come across in the entire community. Whether he's sniffing Carmen Electra's butt at a party, or doing the color-energy technique, his oddness knows no bounds. That said, we kinda of all owe the guy, I mean, he is like, the original PUA. We can also learn from his NLP tricks. I have never tried Jeffries stuff because I think 90% of the reason it works is because it's different than most other guys act, it can be interesting-ish. If I were a girl, I'd just be kind of afraid of him I think.

    However, I plan to put NLP into action more. I like the idea of associating objects with arousal and then handing them to a girl, like he did with a sugar packet in The Game. I think it would be a great idea to do that with a piece of jewelry before you give it to a girl. When I meet my next GF, and give her a necklace or something, I'm going to "bundle up all those nice feelings" during a make out session into the necklace, then give it to her, hahaha.

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    Tom Guest

    Default Re: Anyone here try Ross Jeffries' stuff?

    Well, Ross says that it's supposed to help you stop worrying about what to say. (when talking nonsense) It's also meant to be an exercise for practicing pausing and pacing in speaking. Finally, it's supposed to help you distinguish who has a great sense of humor. Well, according to his website.

    I was merely wondering whether it helped anyone out there.

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    Tom Guest

    Default Re: Anyone here try Ross Jeffries' stuff?

    Definitely, my respect to Ross Jeffries. The NLP stuff is really interesting. I should probably stick to the Mystery Method and afterwards try some of that.

    Haha, yeah, that waitress thing sounded ridiculous but fascinating at the same time! The object thing is a good idea.

    I would also like to learn some of those magic/card tricks in the future. What Style did was pretty cool.

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