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    Default What attracts women?

    Hey guys - wanted to get your thoughts on what you THINK attracts women. I will post what I think after.


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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: What attracts women?

    It really depends on the woman.

    #1: A mission in life
    #2: Passions (hobbies, interests, etc)
    #3: Physical attractiveness - not necessarily genetic.
    #4: Put togetherness (Grooming, style)
    #5: Sense of humor (big time!)
    #6: Adventure (travel stories, and travel plans are always wins with girls I meet)
    #7: The ability to flirt well
    #8: Confidence
    #9: Security (financial, social, physical - I hit all three by talking about my career, my friends, some famous people I've partied with, and UFC training)
    #10: Mystery

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: What attracts women?

    This may have been covered in point 9. But just to expand on that point I believe that the people who you are with and how you interact with them can be vitally important when attracting a woman.

    For instance if your friends are the opposite of yourself i.e. Poorly groomed, rude or any other aspect lacking from Raven's list. Then their low value is inadvertidly refleced upon you, thus lowering your value. Even how you speak to or about your friends/wings is a reflection upon you.

    Like if you trash talk about a friend to a girl. Then the girl might have a thought like 'Well, why is this guy hanging about the sort of person he has described.' Which might lead them to believe that your value is lower, thus attraction levels may dip. They might also think from this you are a bit false and two faced from putting down a friend behind their back. Not a good social trait to have!

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Foxtrot 5 Guest

    Default Re: What attracts women?

    What attracts woman? I noticed that a lot of girls are different and thus have a little bit of their own criteria in judging a guy, but there are certain number practices and beliefs that all girls are attracted to. With all the girls I've talked to here are the main things that I think attracted them:

    1.) Living to your own high standards, not making excuses, and pushing the boundary of your confidence.
    2.) social proof- talking to everyone, laughing, flirting with girls in front of other girls.
    3.) Being physical no matter what. Body language is over 70% of communication. You can talk about anything, but as long as you're holding her hand or tickling her, she'll see you as a potential partner.
    4.) Flirting, joking, making girls laugh, and a fun/ high energy attitude.

    This is mainly what I think and I know I haven't mentioned everything

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