Okay, this post will be short and succinct, explaining some really great tips which will improve all of your social interactions dramatically. P.S. After this post you will learn that mirror was the best invention ever!

So first off, practice gaming and social interaction with yourself in front of a mirror.

This will improve you in various ways:

*Your voice tonality, low and loud is a sign of masculinity which is GREAT!

*Eye contact, practice holding EC through the mirror with yourself while speaking. (Out in the field, do not hold long eye contact with other males, it will seem threatening!)

*Your body language, practice relaxed body language while speaking to others.

*You will get more used to tell different stories, learning something and having it become natural needs continual repeating.

Now, combine all these and you master the art of storytelling.

Next, buy yourself new clothes and some jewelry.

Usually when you buy new clothes, you buy them only when you are sure they fit you and look good on you. (Just make sure your belt matches your shoes)

Wearing clothes and you know those look good on you (confidence), then they do look good on you. This is why buying new clothes is powerful confidence builder.

And now, the peacocky part.
To get comfortable wearing something extraordinary, you need to accustom in it.

For example, not until you wear a big really peacocky hat till you get comfortable with it, then you only are comfortable with all peacocky hats.

Remember just to chitchat with different kinds of people too. This will calm down your nerves a great deal and help you get past aa.
As soon as you can just chitchat with anyone around you, you can practice gaming with anyone around you.