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Thread: Clubs and Bars

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    Augustus Guest

    Default Clubs and Bars

    Hi there i m new here like really new I was wondering how do you guys deal with approaching in a club setting because its so loud and she probably can barely hear you and usually her Bitch Shield is on?

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    Blue Guest

    Default Re: Clubs and Bars

    Just go out with your friends, and have a good time. If she can see that you're just there to have fun, and you're not the creepy sober guy lurking in the shadows waiting for an appropriate moment to go try out the new lines you found online, she'll be much more open to talking to you, and you'll find that the more you just go out to have fun, the more girls will actually open you.

    Then when she seems most interested you fill out one of these and put it into her hand as you walk by

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