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    Default [article]How to Get a Girl to Like You

    I just found great articles How to Get a Girl to Like You (4 Easy step)

    Draw Attraction

    There are two types of men in this world...those who get women, and those who don't. If you think the difference between these two categories is looks, money, or a nice set of wheels, think again. In reality, a man's ability to attract the opposite sex boils down to one thing...confidence.

    Men who are appealing to women draw attraction. Theirs is an innate sense of confidence that shows through their body language, thereby making them irresistible to females. By drawing attraction, a man makes a woman gain his approval, not the other way around. He does not go to great lengths in order to please her, and if he's not feeling the interaction, he'll move on to someone else.

    Men who desperately pursue women appear as though they're not comfortable in their natural state, and in the end, they get rejected. So stop agreeing with everything she says, and lay off the flattery. Wait until you feel she's earned it before you buy her a drink. You'll be amazed at the results.

    The Couples Technique

    By their very nature, women are more in touch with their feelings than men, and if you want to progress sexually with a girl, you have to establish a feeling of comfort within her. She must feel completely at ease in your presence in order to let down her guard. One surefire way of accomplishing this is to utilize my Couples Technique.

    If you've ever watched a couple in public, you probably noticed a body language of extreme coziness (or even grossness). However you slice it, they've progressed in their relationship from awkwardness into complete comfort, so they're not afraid to touch one another. You can utilize this behavior for your own seduction efforts.

    The next time you find yourself face-to-face with a girl you're attracted to, pull the Couples Technique on her by delicately removing an eyelash from her cheek. Even if there's nothing on her face, you can pretend there is. Not only will have the perfect excuse to touch her, but you'll create an instant connection within her subconscious.

    Tease Her

    If you've ever been to a Strip Club, you know how effective teasing can be. One could even say that exotic dancers invented the art of teasing. Their methods of advancing and withdrawing on patrons not only turns men keeps them on.

    What if I told you it's possible to actually learn something from those dancers? Believe it or not, teasing isn't a technique reserved solely for women. Teasing is an essential tool for building sexual Tension with women, as it enables you to show a genuine interest without appearing overly eager.

    Joke with a girl about her quirks or behaviors, or playfully banter with her about the clothes she's wearing. If she gives a silly response to one of your questions, call her out on it. The trick to successfully teasing women is to keep everything playful, and know that she secretly loves it.

    Know How to Read Her

    When a woman is turned on, most men are clueless. Believe it or not, men aren't the only ones afraid of rejection. With that said, women give off several signs of interest that (if gone unnoticed) can ruin any guy's chances of success.

    For starters, watch her eyes. If you notice a girl checking you out, only to look away upon establishing eye contact, she's probably into you. Does she often send a smile your way? If so, odds are she wants you to notice.

    She might also be attracted to you if:

    She makes an effort to talk to you.
    She fiddles with her hair.
    She strokes her arm, neck, or face in your presence.
    She laughs at your jokes (even the stupid ones).
    She speaks softer when talking to you.
    She asks you point-blank, "What are your plans this weekend?"

    If you get any combination of these signs, don't wait to make your move.

    The secret to attracting women begins with confidence. From there, the various techniques discussed in this article will aid your seduction efforts. By establishing comfort, knowing how to tease, and being able to read her body language, you'll be a master at making any woman interested in you.

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    Default Re: [article]How to Get a Girl to Like You

    There are many ways and the list is too long to impress women. But some important ones I am going to share with you.

    The first thing is to be hygienic enough so that girl will want to meet you. If you are shabby in your appearance then forget it. She's never going to like you.

    Secondly, be witty enough that she enjoys your company. It will make her miss you when you are not around. This can gradually progress into the girl liking you.

    And lastly, take her out often. Shopping would be a better option. You know girls love to shop. And hence is the best option to impress her.

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    ifeanyiboy Guest

    Default Re: [article]How to Get a Girl to Like You

    That's great advice but the whole title of this thread is wrong. Your goal should not be to try and get girls to like you. That is approval seeking. You should be confident, but not for the sole purpose of impressing a woman. That's uglier than being non confident. If you really want to attract a woman, let her see that something you do really well attracts you more than she does. Project the passion you have for your vision into her. Let her feel that focus. Women are multifocused while men are single track minded. You can have sex with a woman and she can at the same time be thinking what she's gonna do tomorrow. (I know women are CRAZY!! lol)
    Anytime you can get her to focus single mindedly on you and your passion for life and your vision, even if you were not her type, you will attract her.

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