The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this is certainly true when it comes to women. By learning how to decipher a woman’s eyes, you’ll key in to how attracted she is to you.

When it comes to a woman’s body language, it’s most common for her to use flirting eye contact to engage a man she’s attracted to. The problem is that most guys are clueless and completely incapable of noticing this female seduction technique. Can you imagine how much more active your sex life would be if you knew how to read a woman’s signals?

The following are four of the most popular eye-contact signals emitted by women. Read on to learn what they mean and how to decipher them. You’ll be amazed!

#1 – The Vertical Look

The Vertical Look (as in “up and down”) is a classic scoping technique used by men, but I bet you didn’t know women use it too! If a girl stares at your face, only to run her eyes down and back up again, congratulations…she just hit on you! This eye signal can be hard to catch, so pay attention.

The psychology behind the Vertical Look is simple: the girl liked your face, and she wants to know more. If you catch a girl giving you the once-over, you can be fairly certain she likes what she sees. Use this information to up your confidence, and go talk to her.

#2 – The Approach Look

There are times when a woman will use her eyes to give a guy the green light, but more often than not, he fails to notice. This method of flirting eye contact can be called the Approach Look, and it’s critical that you be aware of it.

The Approach Look is pretty basic, and very significant. If you ever look across the room to find a woman watching you, and she flashes a smile, you can be assured she’s open to talking to you. Don’t stall here! She wants you to approach her, so get off your butt and do it.

#3 – The 'I Like You' Look

Most of us aren’t scientists, but there is one physiological sign in a woman’s eyes that indicates a serious desire…dilated pupils.

Whether it’s ice cream or a beautiful person, all humans have an involuntary physical reaction to seeing something they like. When a woman’s eyes are dilated, her pupils expand. Think of it this way: She finds you attractive, so in order to see more of you, her pupils grow larger.

So go ahead…gaze into her eyes! Just try not to smirk when you notice just how wide-eyed she is for you.

#4 – The 'Kiss Me' Look

It’s very important that you know the ‘Kiss Me’ Look. If you fail to recognize when a woman wants to lock lips, you’ll probably never get another chance to do so.

This look is also very easy to interpret, but you have to be aware of it. When talking to a woman, she may gaze into your eyes, only to look directly at your mouth. What’s really happening is that she’s sending you a nonverbal cue to make a move!

By this point, you should know whether or not there’s any chemistry between the two of you. With that said, don’t hesitate when you receive the ‘Kiss Me’ look…just do it! Remember how sexy confidence is to women, and take charge of the situation.

Final Thoughts

Women seldom make the first move on men, but they do put a lot of care into sending various attraction signals. By learning how to read her eyes, you’ll become a master of dating and seduction. Memorize these four modes of female body language, and enjoy the ride.