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    Default The Golden Feather

    Chapter 1

    His name was John... no wait, that was his old, virgin, non-pua name. His name was... uh... Feather. Yeah, that's cool, right? Anyways, his name was Feather, and he had just taken the first step towards changing his life forever. After stumbling across the pua community a couple of months ago, he quickly realized this was his golden ticket to a better life: more friends, more women, more confidence, more success. Without skipping a beat, he had made a decision he would never regret: he would attend a bootcamp. But which one? After doing some research, he knew there was only one way to go: if you were going to learn from someone, you'd better learn from the best, from the originator, the man who practically invented talking to women. Venusian Arts here I come.

    After spending a weekend listening, watching, learning everything he could from the esteemed Venusian Arts team, he was ready. The club scene was about to get hit by a whirlwind... of Feather.

    It was Friday night, and almost 6pm already! Time to get ready. A plain black t-shirt, with an illustration of a feather in the middle. A dark purple jacket, pink stripes across the chest, with an un-unpoppable collar. 5 different necklaces, each of which are meaningful and express his personality, like his unique shark tooth and one-of-a-kind dog tag. Spiked bracelets with a belt to match. Converse shoes. And, of course, the black jeans that took him only half an hour to slip in to. Finish it off with a little bit of eyeliner, and the safari hat he had painted black the night before. He looked like a rockstar, nay, even better: he looked like a pick-up artist.

    As he's psyching himself up in the mirror, telling himself he's an attractive man, that girls want to talk to him; that being picked up by a true pick-up artist is an honour, off goes his phone. Text message. It was his friend (non-pua, I might add) Mike: "Chill tonight? Me, James, and Kat were going to grab some booze to pd and maybe hit the bars later". Psht. He had no time for booze; that would only lessen his natural pua instincts... booze is a crutch. Besides, throwing away the clear advantage one gets by being the only sober person at the club is almost... immoral.

    So he doesn't respond, and instead hits the club alone at prime time: 9pm. To his surprise, there isn't much of a line up. This is good; a relatively empty club will allow him to meet people and build social proof before the 9's and 10's arrive; not that he has any inclination to rate women based on attractiveness. He gets in, and immediately puts what he learned into action. He turns to his left, where a young 7 was standing. Opener time: over his shoulder he calls out

    "Hey, I need a female opinion on something: how do you feel about socks and sandles?"
    "Haha, uhmmmmmmm, deffffinitely a big fashion nono for me" *smiles*
    "Funny you should say that, I feel the same way! I have this friend, who, incidentally, happens to be a model, and i met up with her the other day and she was wearing socks and sandles! How crazy is that??!"
    "Oh... okay... well I suppose if she's a model she'd know fashion better than I would. *Smiles* can I take your coat?"

    IOI. Nice.

    "You would want to get my coat off, wouldn't you"
    "uhmm... I guess so... I mean, it IS my job."

    Another one, perfect!

    "Not yet it's not" *wink*

    He knew this was a perfect time to eject. Leave her wanting more. Then, when he comes back and finds her again later in the night she'll beg him to take her home. What a fantastic start to the night. He moved further into the club and immediately found his next victim... erhm... target: a cute little 8 standing all alone at the bar waiting while the bartender fixes her a drink.

    "Hey quick female opinion: if you're on a first date with a guy, how long does silence need to ensue before it becomes awkward?"
    "What? I'm just waiting for my friend..."
    "I'm not sure I understand... are we not allowed to socialize without our friend?"
    "Well I guess it depends on where the date is, I mean..."

    Time to put this body rocking technique into action. She continues:

    "If you're at a movie or som... umm... hello?"
    "Yeah hi. I'm listening."
    "Why do you keep bouncing around as if you're going to leave? I'm just trying to answer your question, no need to be rude..."
    "Easy there tiger, geez don't be so sensitive!" Feather turns to the bartender "Geez you can dress her up but you can't take her anywhere, am I right?"
    "You getting a drink or not bud?" came the reply

    At the moment, another cute girl, also an 8 though not quite as much of an 8 as the first 8, we'll call her HB(7.93), comes to talk to HB8 (the original). Feather jumped on this quickly:

    "Well don't be rude, introduce me to your friend!"
    HB8: "Huh? Introduce you? But I don't know you..."
    Feather turns to HB(7.93)
    "Hahaha, sorry about that. I'm Feather, nice to meet you"
    HB(7.93): "Hi! I like your hat! I'm Kelsey"
    "Your friend and I were just discussing how long a silence lasts before it becomes awkward on a first..."

    But HB(7.91) wasn't listening, she had already turned to the bartender and ordered a pair of whiskey sours for the ladies.

    "Kelly, shows over here! And thanks for including me in on the drinks!"
    HB(7.88):"Oh, did you want one?"
    "Sure you can buy me a drink"
    HB(7.7):"I'm not buying you a drink! You're supposed to buy me a drink, i'm the woman!"
    "Maybe if you're a good girl" *wink*
    HB(7.29): "Let's go dancing!"

    And the women take off. Unbelievable: he hadn't even been at the club for an hour yet and 2 women already invited him to dance with them! This stuff really works! Unfortunately he had to pass on the opportunity this time: that Kelly girl seemed to get less and less attractive the more she talked. Besides, he's already spotted another set: 2 girls: one blonde one brunette, both 9s, and a guy.

    "Hey guys, who lies more, men or women?"

    The man looks at him, gives him a puzzled look, and responds

    "Everybody lies." he turns back to the girls and continues whatever uninteresting conversation they were having. The girls were feigning interest, and to the untrained eye it may have even seemed as though they wanted this man. But Feather was a pickup artist, and as such, he could see the truth: these girls were begging to be saved.

    "Yeah, thats why I asked who lies MORE." He turns to the blonde with a wry smile, "he's not a very good listener is he?"
    Blonde: "No he's an asshole... haha"
    Man: "Don't act like you don't love it. *wink*" He extends his hand to Feather "I'm Kevin. How's it going?"

    Were Feather not the pua that he was, he might not have realized that the hand shake was an attempt to display dominance... he's trying to get Feather to shake his hand to show how he is the leader of men. Clever man, but not clever enough.

    "Nice to meet you Kevin" he says, as he puts his hand up for a high five.

    Kevin gives him a strange look, and lowers his hand. Again, Feather knew how to deal with this.

    "Well I know YOU'RE not going to leave me hanging!" he exclaims, turning so that his high five is offered to the blonde instead. She returns it. IOI number 1.

    "So how do you all know each other?"
    Man: "Oh we're all just friends." He points to the brunette "she has benefits." Now to the blonde "she used to".

    Both girls laugh and hit him in the stomach simultaneously.

    "Sorry about that" says the blonde. Then she touches her hair. BOOM, IOI number 2 baby!

    Man:"Brittany (the brunette, apparently) and I were just about to get a shot. Come do one with us champ!"
    "Sorry," replies Feather "I don't drink."
    Man:"Oh! Well Emma here is driving so she can't drink either! You guys should hang out!" he says as he grabs the brunette and heads off with her.

    Feather spends the next few minutes talking to the blonde, doing the usual pua stuff. You know, neg, cocky funny, all that jazz. The whole time, she keeps looking back to her friends at the bar, and every time she does, they burst out laughing and give her thumbs up. If that's not the third IOI he needed, I don't know what is. Time to move into A3.

    "So tell me, what have you got going for yourself besides your looks?" he asks
    "Uhm, what?"
    "Well you're a beautiful girl, but beauty is very common. What's not common is..."
    "Isn't this a line from a book or something?" she interjects
    "What? Really? I've never read it anywhere... dude you need to show me this book! It could be an adventure!"
    "Oh. Uhh... yeah. Maybe it's not from a book, I don't know."
    "Well we'll just have to find out, won't we! *wink*. I'll call you soon and we'll set it up!"

    She looks confused

    "Did my friends give you my number or something... ?"
    "Oh right! I don't even have your number yet!"

    He pulls out his phone and goes to "add contact", typing in 'first # close' as her Name.

    "Go ahead" he says.
    "Oh, I don't know my number by heart, one second"

    She pulls out her phone, and seems to study her the number keys for quite some time before remembering what her phone number is. That's alright, not every girl can be a genious. Feather looks over at her friends, who seem to be watching him, laughing. It's so nice to have fans! She finally says:

    "3825 633"
    "Cool, I'll text you so you have my number."

    He knew he should stay for a few more minutes lest he appear as though he was trying to pick her up, and outrageous thing for a man of value to be doing, so he chatted with her a few more minutes before bidding adieu... for now. At this point, he was tired, and had to wake up early the next morning. He decided to find the first girl again before heading out. He searches virtually the whole club, but doesn't find her. She must've left... what a shame, he had sent some pretty rad lines her way! On his way out though, he sees her again... and she was standing in almost the same spot as when he first talked to her! How curious.

    "Well hello again" he says
    "What number are you?" she asks
    "Haha, you know i'm number one silly!"
    "No I meant... what's your number?"
    "Wow you sure come on strong! But you're cute, so I guess you can have it!"

    He gives her his number, and tells her he's heading out, but he'll see her later. He heads home, marvelling at how much of a difference one bootcamp made... he had become a true believer in the Mystery Method. Welcome to the life of an attractive man.

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    Default Re: The Golden Feather

    This. Was. Awesome.

    I laughed soooooo hard!

    One time I was out "sarging" with this dude. We got 4 HB8+'s within maybe, 30 minutes, who were actually interested in us. Like, as people. They wanted to hang out with us, but he reverted to the "mystery method," and told them we'd meet them later at like 2 AM (at a club that closed at 2 AM). We never saw those girls again. I never sarged with him again.

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    Default Re: The Golden Feather

    This is pretty hilarious, man!

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    Default Re: The Golden Feather


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