I was surfing the Net one day & I came across an add for a local swingers party. I was curious what it would be like to go to one, however the add said it was for couples only & single guys would have to bring a girl with them. I was single at the time & I couldn't think of a girl that I knew who was confident & open-minded enough to go with me so I forgot about it.

At the time I was living with a friend called C0ral. I had already lived with her former girlfriend Mimi two yrs previously. C0ral mentioned one day to me she was going to try out a swingers party in town the following weekend. (I pricked my ears up). "A swingers party? Is it run by Tom & Karen?" I said. C0ral said "Yes. Why don't you come along with me?" She had already planned to go with another hot girl.

"Is this a good idea?" I said. Occasionally Coral would invite me into her bed even though she was gay. She was also one of my best friends at the time & as I was also living with her, I said I wasn't too sure about going to a swingers party too as I felt we should have some boundaries to our friendship as it was getting a little blurred. She told me not to be so serious & it could be a laugh, so I agreed to go with the two girls.

On the night of the party Coral said she first of all had to see a friend of hers in the Kings Arms pub. Apparently he was a millionaire, running a successful advertising business in London. The two girls & I arrive at the Kings Arms & I'm introduced to Jamie. Jamie had been drinking in the pub for several hours. He appeared to be a cool guy & offered to buy everyone a round of drinks. He asked what I wanted & I said an orange juice. He looked at me puzzled & said "No, have a real drink." I said I would be quite happy with a juice so he bought me one.

A little while later he bought everyone another drink & again tried to persuade me to have an alcoholic drink. I politely refused & had another juice. He asked me why I wasn't drinking & I told him that I found alcohol made me behave like an moron & I couldn't have a decent conversation. I also thought to myself that as I was going to my first swingers party I wanted to be fully aware of what was happening around me. Jamie came across as a polite, articulate man with a good attitude so I asked him if he would like to come along to the party with me & the girls. He agreed so we all got a taxi to the party.

When we entered the party, people were in the living room having polite conversation, drinking wine & eating from a buffet. The atmosphere needed to be relaxed & respectful for it to be a successful event. I don't know whether it was the fresh air that hit Jamie when we left the bar that triggered the full affects of what he had been drinking, or he was just naturally someone who shouldn't go anywhere near alcohol, though I honestly can't remember seeing a human being transform so much in such a short period of time from a decent, cool guy into a complete twat.

He began by walking up to groups of people to introduce himself, barging uninvited into their conversation & then begin to talk complete rubbish. Some people were asking him if he could repeat himself as they were finding it difficult to understand what he was saying. Twice I saw him help himself to food off the plates of the people he was trying to speak with.

When people started having sex upstairs an hour later, Jamie became a little bit too pushy with some of the women & understandably several people found him highly offensive. Because Tom & Karen had only started having sex parties, they were unprepared for how to handle someone like him so he did stay longer than was really necessary & insulted several people there in his drunken stupor.

Coral had been partying for the previous two nights & actually fell asleep in a bedroom where eight of us were having sex! Other than having sex there I introduced myself to Tom & Karen. They were a decent couple with a genuine passion for swinging. Other than being the hostess, Karen also took it upon herself to d.j. which meant she was not able to get as sexually involved as she wished, which she found a little frustrating. I offered to help her out d.j.ing at any future events if she wished, which she appreciated.

I also offered to show them how to build their own website to improve their profile. Because of this & finding we got along well, I found myself being invited to the parties on a regular basis & did not have to bring a girl with me. I not only had a choice of who to have sex with, I was also getting paid for d.j.ing, taxi fare offered too as well as free food! I would always be thanked for turning up as well! My kind of party!

I continued going for two yrs. Every event was different though one of them sticks out for me & always puts a smile on my face when I remember it. I had arrived at ten p.m. When I entered the house there were around 12 people there. I spotted a well dressed, fit looking lady & decided to introduce myself. Sophie was very well spoken.

She had a high powered job being responsible for lots of people. She had come with her husband & this was their very first time. I asked her how she felt about this kind of party & she surprised me by saying she felt nervous. I assumed if she managed people she would feel confident, however she told me that she was used to being in control, though in an environment like this one, the possibility of things happening spontaneously caused her to feel anxious.

I said, "O.k, so you feel anxious. What would you prefer to feel instead?" Sophie said she would prefer to feel more relaxed. I asked her what would help her to relax more? She said, "A spliff, though am I being naughty?" Someone gave her some grass & as she chilled out I told her I would see her later as I had to do my d.j. set. I played some chilled music as the party vibe began to warm up.

Around midnight I decided to explore the house to see what was happening. Downstairs was for getting to know one another & for eating & drinking whilst three rooms upstairs were made functional for sex. Silk & velvet covered mattresses, cushions & low lighting. I wandered into one of the rooms to find amongst a few other naked bodies, a beautiful Thai girl having sex with her partner. She saw me & began giving me 0ral. Things are starting off well! We play around with each other for a while. Hot girl! I then find Sophie lying nearby wearing a black corset & stockings. She tells me she is pleased to see me, so I have sex with her next. I then divide my attention between Sophie & the Thai girl. They take a liking to one another too.

Some time later I venture into another bedroom & get chatting to a new group of people. I mention that I will be leaving around 2 p.m. as I have been put on the guest list for a fetish club in town. One of the girls in the group hears this & asks if she can come with me. She's hot too. She says "Don't worry, I've got a car & can drive us there." My lucky night! I leave with her & spent part of my evening/morning playing around with her too. I eventually get home around 7a.m. the following morning. Somewhere I had lost my underwear & was covered in sweat & needed a shower. I felt like I'd been in a porn film for several hours & I had a smile on my face which lasted for the next two weeks!