So I decided as I hadn't experienced any ultra hot babes for a few weeks (I'd pulled my back & had found it difficult to walk for this period) that I frequent one of the best London fetish clubs for a top up. The previous week I'd got stood up by one girl though had found another one & she was keen to go with me though I'd got a few other girls that I wanted to see when I got into the club & I considered this would have been a little too much to ask from the new girl, so I decided to put her on hold for the time being & go on my own.

I find it helps if I walk into a club reasonably early in the evening so I can work the rooms, interacting with as many people as possible who I can hook up with later if I want to. When I get there I meet a few friends & move from group to group, not staying in one place for too long as the place begins to warm up.

With people I don't know, I'm either looking for a group, mixed or all girls with at least two hot girls in the group. I'll walk straight up to them & start chatting or I'll look for eye contact & a smile from a girl in a group & then do an approach.

After a couple of hours of chatting to a few interesting characters I decide to explore the dungeon area as it should be reasonably active by now. I wander in & discover approx 50 people in there. It's a chilled atmosphere with minimal music playing. The first thing I see is a guy in black leather flogging a fit tanned girl quite hard. She's wearing expensive looking white underwear, a pair of glasses & is tied to a St Andrews cross. I find myself somewhere to sit with a clear view of the activities in there, introducing myself to one of the hottest looking girls in the club; blonde, skinny & model standard. She's dressed in a short pvc jacket, braces, black shorts, fishnet stockings & a bowler hat.

A guy sitting on the other side of her who has already been chatting with her produces a large vibrator that's plugged into a wooden box with a heavy duty battery in it. He starts running The Vibe up & down her back for a few minutes. Her legs are beginning to touch mine & she shuffles her position a little so her legs are leaning in my direction. She then takes the vibe from the guy & begins to run it down her chest first of all & then along her legs & inner thighs. 'Far out', I'm thinking. 'Looks like it's going to be a good night.'

A couple come over to me. The guy recognises me from a swingers club we go to. His asian girlfriend asks if they can borrow my flail as she fancies being flogged. While we're chatting, Vibe Girl returns the vibe to the guy & says she'll catch me later so I think I'll entertain myself for a while watching the new girl bent over a flogging bench getting her bum tanned.

Her boyfriend flogs her for only a couple of minutes before she gets up & asks if I can do it instead. She's got a pretty face & I dig asian girls though this one is a little larger than I prefer. Not fat, though a little overweight. Call me shallow though toxemia doesn't not turn me on, though I decide to be charitable & flog her for five mins, checking how she feels every now & then. I discover she's getting more out of it than I am.

I've just finished her when two girls more to my taste come up to me, a blonde & a brunette. The blonde has full breasts with her nipples modestly covered by sparkly gold stars. She's also wearing a skirt, high heels & a smile. She asks me if I can flog her. She tells me exactly where she likes it & how hard to do it, someone who knows exactly what they want.

'Sure' I say & start again. After a few minutes she bucking & arching so I must be hitting the right spots. She then asks if she can borrow my flail so she can flog her girl. No probs. It's funny, the same thing happens as with the first couple. She realises she doesn't know what she's doing so asks if I can flog her girlfriend too. Well, if I were a stick of rock I would have Mother Teresa written right through me. I'll all heart tonight so I satisfy girl number three.

While I'm tanning this girls bum I spot a very pretty young blonde a few yards away talking to what appears to be her boyfriend. The guy nods to her as I finish number three & this new blonde approaches me. She asks very politely if I can flog her. It's her first fetish club experience with her boyfriend & she's never been flogged before. Cool, no probs. I fully explain to her what I'm going to do & that I will check on her every now & then & ask her to tell me when to stop.

She's wearing black boots, a black bra & a cute tight, black latex skirt with a convenient wide hole at the top exposing a reasonable portion of the top of her bum. I had fancied going for a dance by now, though I want to make sure this girl has a positive first experience so I concentrate fully on giving her one. A while later I leave her with a satisfied look on her face & she thanks me before I leave the dungeon.

I catch up with a few friends & new acquaintances then head for the dancefloor. The music is very good tonight & I'm losing myself in it when something happens which catches me off guard,(After hanging around in places like this for a while, it does take a bit to suprise me). My crowded, chaotic perspective of the dancefloor suddenly shifts; there's a parting of the waves & then I see three hot blondes moving directly towards me!

They all come into my personal space. A very hot blonde, a very sexy blonde & a long legged blonde. VHB has gorgeous breasts spilling out of a tight black lace basque, asks if I would like to go with them? Unless I'm a complete idiot, I'm not going to say no, am I? So the four of us immediately leave the dance floor. VHB grabs onto my belt & is actually dragging me (I'm not joking), towards the couples room! This sure beats staying in to watch th X- Factor!