I worked with a client recently who said they had 'Approach Anxiety'. He had been hanging around with the local PUA community after reading the usual books on pickup. He had also paid for three sessions with a PUA, succeeded with a few interactions, though still felt uncomfortable with approaching & chatting with women.

Wisely, he said he would like to also work on his inner game. I was pleased to hear that. I've noticed that lots of guys get into pickup without having a solid grounding in psychology. PUA has some very useful techniques to use however if your inner game isn't sorted, using these techniques can sometimes be like sticking a plaster on top of another one. Also, even if you discover how to successfully attract women, will you be able to sustain a healthy relationship or even truly appreciate it if you haven't worked on yourself first of all?

Learning how to interact positively with women is not going to work if we have to rely on PUA lines or routines all of the time. Women are not interested in guys who can pull rabbits out of a hat; they are interested in real men.

One of the main reasons why I keep a distance from other PUAs now is because I became bored stiff listening to them talking about PUA whilst they were out in pubs & clubs with one another. Another reason was because I can't remember spending so much time talking to so many guys! I'm use to either going out on my own or with a group of hot women.

Anyway, back to my client. I spent some time asking him questions to try to find out what had happened when he had been coached by the other guy, listened to his sticking points, agreed on a mutually agreeable goal, then worked out a structure that would suit him.

The first two sessions were spent solely working on his inner game. He was given relevant homework & techiques he could practice on his own. I also showed him how to set up an effective NLP Anchor to help boost his confidence & relax him.

By the third session, he was prepared mentally. We went out together & he managed to smoothly approach & interact with forty women in less than three hours! He met up with a friend later on in the evening & managed fifty in total!

The amount of women wasn't important, though the know how was. We discovered that he had been able to improve his results by \b 600% in three weeks! \b0 No bad for a guy who thought he had 'approach anxiety'.