The first time I met Jade was when my flatmate Joe & his friend Sam brought her back to the flat to have a threesome with her. I only saw her for a few minutes before she was whisked off to the bedroom & a few minutes later she began to scream the place down. Several months later I bumped into on her own in town. We got chatting & she asked if I liked her. Before I knew it we had arranged for her to come & visit me the following week in my new flat.

Petite, blonde & INNOCENT looking, you wouldn't think butter would melt in her mouth. She was pretty though she dressed conservatively, so you could easily walk past her without paying her too much attention. Jade worked as a solicitors secretary in town & she would get a 90 min lunch break. Within that time she would get a taxi to my place so we could have amazing sex, then go back to work again.

Jade was so enthusiastic! She was not only very sexy, she was a true nympho. In between seeing each other, she would write letters to me going into graphic detail what she wanted to do with me the following week.

She appeared to have an inexhaustable appetite for sex. She met a different guy each day of the week. Her Monday guy would take her for a drive to a racecourse on the outskirts of town for sex. Tuesday she saw a police officer. I was Wednesday. This continued successfully for several months & she even suggested leaving her husband to move in with me (my phase before I learnt a few morals). I was seeing several girls at that time & thought if she moved in that would be the death of me, so I said no. For some reason or other, I can't remember why, our Wednesday meetings finally came to a halt. I saw her a year later. She told me she had contracted a STD, given it to her husband & he had thrown her out. What a surprise!