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    Default Don't hang around with me coz your life may change.

    Sabrina & her husband Graham were my flatmates a while back. She was 18 & he was 20. She had been born & grown up in Slovakia & by marrying Graham she was able to stay & live in the U.K. Sabrina & Graham were in love & did everything together. She was intelligent though quite innocent, being brought up in a small town. They didn't go out much. He would go off to work, she would get up late & when he returned in the evening they would spend time playing video games. The three of us got along well.

    Occasionally I would be going to my London fetish clubs & be returning with stories of flogging this & spanking that. I was having extreme fun with lots of hot women. I didn't know at the time though Sabrina really wanted to go too though Graham had a different Mindset so it was definitely off the cards. Eventually they both moved out of my flat & I didn't see them for over one yr. Then one night I was in a fetish club in Brighton; I was on the dance floor when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a girl thrashing the hell out of a guy with a flail. I turned to watch & was more than surprised to see it was 'innocent' Sabrina with a big smile on her face. She was one of the most active girls in the club that evening!

    She took to the fetish scene like a fish to water & collected two slaves on her first night who wanted to continue seeing her. I left the club with her after she had offered herself to me. She told me that Graham & her had separated & this was her first opportunity of doing what she really wanted to do. We started going to clubs in London on a regular basis & had so much fun together, one big laugh after the next!

    Six months later she found herself a very attractive girlfriend who had the sexual appetite of a rabbit. Sabrina's outfits started to become sexier & more & more glamorous in a relatively short period of time. As she was having so much fun in the scene & wanted to become more involved, she decided it would be a good idea to train as a professional Dominatrix. This led to her putting on performances in clubs too. Eventually she took her new skills with her to work in Japan.

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    Default Re: Don't hang around with me coz your life may change.

    we really got some talent from there.

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