I bumped into my friend Marsha the other week. I was asking her what she had been up to & she said she had bumped into Gordon the other day.

I said "I don't think I know a Gordon".

She said, "Yes you do, Gordon The Gimp".

"Oh, I didn't realise you knew Gordon The Gimp" I said.

"You should do Rob, you was chatting with him in my kitchen one night & you changed his life!"

I wondered what she was talking about so I asked her to explain as I couldn't remember the conversation. Sometimes I've got a lousy memory for guys. Stick a fit woman in front of me & I can remember the conversation years later though with guys unless I feel it's something important, it can go through one ear & out the other.

Marsha explained that one evening I had gone to visit her & a crowd of us were sitting around her table in her basement kitchen having a chat. Later on Gordon arrives with a friend. This was the first time I had met him. While Gordon sits down Marsha is asking me what I'd been up to. I was telling her about going to London fetish clubs, doing the usual flogging this, spanking that kind of thing with lots of hot women.

Gordon was a d.j. & was used to putting on Trance & House parties. He liked to be an organiser. As I was chatting away enthusiastically to Marsha, I didn't realise Gordon is listening in on the conversation & he starts thinking he'd like to experience some of the same thing too. The seed is planted....

Several months later Gordon begins creating amazing fetish parties in an incredible tudor mansion in the countryside just a few miles outside Brighton. I went to most of them & had an amazing time. First class entertainment & priceless memories. People had a lot of fun there & Gordon was able to build up an excellent reputation in a relatively short period of time in the scene. One thing that pissed me off a little is that Gordon The Gimp somehow forgot to tell me himself where he first got the idea from & was charging me the same as the rest of the punters to get in when he should have been rolling out the red carpet for me!