Carol was another of my flat mates & friends in Brighton. She was also a successful club promoter & top D.J. She would put on breakbeat & d & b nights; anything underground & alternative. She has been an entrepreneur for several years, a general all round smart cookie. When we got to know each other she soon discovered I liked going to fetish clubs. She mentioned that she had been one in Australia whilst traveling there & enjoyed it.

She showed me some photos of the event & spoke about it some more until I realised that it was some kind of fancy dress party, the kind where people wear cheap Dr's & Nurses outfits. I said, "No, that's not the real thing. I'll take you to a proper one in London."

A little while later we head to London & go through the 'flogging this & spanking that' experience amongst other things & she had a great time so several months later she starts up another popular fetish club in Brighton. I was on the guest list to those though. Thanks Carol. It's amazing what you can do if you spread a little enthusiasm.