Lots of people hate being rejected, some hate it so much that they would prefer not to try getting to know anyone, however, if you're a reasonably positive guy, there is one sure way to toughen yourself up towards rejection & that is to EXPERIENCE it as much as possible!

I found myself sharing a house with someone I will call 'Jim.' Jim was a natural at pulling girls, very hot girls. In fact, in my social circle he was getting through them like no one else! He was reasonably good looking though not what you would call intelligent. He was certainly a bad boy in spades. He had no respect for these girls whatsoever to the point that it appeared he had issues. No, that's an understatement. He had BIG issues, though that's another story.

He would attract a girl, see her for a few weeks whilst seeing another one behind her back, then start seeing yet another whilst he became bored with the 1st one. They were drawn to him like moths to a flame & it was fascinating to watch. He said it puzzled him how he did it.

I had just moved out from living with an X of five yrs & went out drinking with Jim on a regular basis & then we decided to share a house together in town. Seeing him attract all of these hot girls made me realise I was wasting precious time so it was not long before I decided to get back into the dating game.

I met a few sexy ladies over the next few weeks though I was not interested in monogamy so I set myself up with five dates in one week, Monday to Friday. I told Jim what I had planned & was excited to see what would happen. Monday evening came around & I got stood up! Jesus, I couldn't believe it! She obviously didn't have good taste & didn't realise what she was missing out on. No probs, I still had four left. Tuesday evening I was feeling good as this particular girl I really fancied. Guess what? She stood me up too! What was happening to me? I had never been stood up on two consecutive nights in my life.

I still have three gorgeous girls to see before the weekend so it was hardly what you would call a major problem. Wednesday night could have been really good fun & would have made up for the previous two nights. It would have made all the difference to me & restore my self confidence. I use the word 'would' because she didn't turn up either! This was unreal! I was in shock! Of course Jim was fully aware of what was going on. I should have kept my big mouth shut.

Thursday night rolls around & being the eternal optimist I thought the law of averages would balance things out this evening. No such luck. She blew me out too! Friday night comes around & you guessed it. I got stood up again! Five times in one week by five different girls! And just to put the icing on the cake, Jim, Mr. number one stud in town, after watching the whole thing evolve, guess what he did? No suprise really; he laughed at me BIG time!

So if any girl rejects me these days, believe me, I don't lose any sleep over it as I've experienced a lot worse!