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    Default Trying a different approach.

    I was in a nightclub one evening & I spotted a hot chinese girl who I hadn't seen in town before. She was very slim & had long straight black hair down to her bum. When she saw me, I saw her smile & raise her eyebrows, though as I was busy having fun with my friends at the time, I let it go.

    Several days later, I'm in town & I bump into her. We begin chatting & as the conversation if flowing well, I suggest we go for a coffee & she agrees. We find a cafe nearby & grab a table & continue chatting with one another.

    As I hadn't seen her before seeing her in the nightclub, I'm asking her how long she has been in town & if she is enjoying herself. She tells me that she's met several guys & they are being really friendly to her; taking her out & telling her how beautiful she is. I don't react or agree with the guys opinions, I just carry on talking & move on to another subject. A little while later she mentions again that one of these guys told her she looked really pretty, though I'm thinking to myself that whatever these guys are saying & doing, it ain't working very well or she wouldn't be sat here with me right now!

    As that approach hasn't done much for her other than expand her ego, I figure it may be a good idea to try going in the opposite direction to the guys she's been telling me about & see what happens. I see a small scar just above one of her eyebrows & ask her about it. She tells me that she got it when she fell off a swing when she was a child. I don't make a big deal out of it & we carry on chatting. I'm not interested in bigging her up, just laid back chat, though I do let her do most of the talking. I then spot another small mark on her face & ask her about that. She tells me that it's a birthmark. Again, I don't expand on it.

    After twenty minutes of talking she suddenly gets up, walks straight to the bar & talks with the waiter. He hands her a pen & paper, she writes something on it & then returns to me. She sits down & hands me the piece of paper. I look at it & see that she has given me her phone number (this is without me asking for it). I stay cool, thank her, put it in my pocket & carry on talking with her as if nothing has happened.
    She then looks suprised & says, "Well...?"

    I say "Well, what?"

    She says, "Aren't you going to give me your number?"

    I pause, then say, "I'm not too sure at the moment, as I've only just met you."

    She says, "What? I not a stalker!"

    I tell her to let me think about it for a while, so I can build a little more Tension.

    At the end of our conversation, I give her my number as if I'm doing her a favour & she comes to visit me for a meal in my flat the following week.

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    Default Re: Trying a different approach.

    I can't fault that son!!!

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