When Simon was my flatmate for six months, my girlfriend at that time, Sandra said on a few occasions that she was convinced Simon was gay & he fancied me. I just laughed & thought it was ridiculous. The guy just came across as regular & friendly & I didn't get any vibes from him. Eventually Simon moved out & went to do his thing elsewhere. I didn't see him for two yrs. Then one day I'm walking down the street & a car pulls up, the window slides down & he pokes his head out. He couldn't really stop his car where he was so I quickly took his mob number & he suggested we meet up in a pub in town soon to catch up.

Two weeks later I'm sat in a bar with Simon. I'd just popped out for a couple of hours while Sandra was cooking dinner. Simon & I are discussing what we've been up to. He starts by telling me about his adventures. He had been invited over to Spain by a girl he had met in the U.K. He said he really liked her & so was looking forward to seeing her again. When he arrived in Spain a few months later he quickly found out that she wasn't interested in him after all & she ignored him most of the time to go off socialising with her friends which understandably upset him, so he returned promptly to Brighton.

I tell him about Stella. Stella was a successful professional dominatrix, high class escort, porn star & had done modeling for top fetish clubs. Unsurprisingly to get lots of work like that she looked extremely hot. Long legs, very slim, blonde hair, big blues eyes & high cheekbones. She stood out in a crowd; very glamorous. She charged guys top dollar & she was used to them kissing her feet. Though she played an excellent dominant role with most of the people in her world, for some reason, which I never did fully understand, she turned into mush around me & would follow me around in fetish clubs like a little lost puppy dog even though she must have been 4" taller than me in her stilettos.

I was with her & another couple in a London club one evening when Stella offered to buy me a drink. We stood at the bar chatting until I heard an excellent hard house track being played on the dance floor nearby. I said I'd be back in a minute then left her while I went off for a dance. A guy who knew Stella came up to her all submissive like (Call me narrow minded if you want though men being sub to women really gives me the creeps.Yuk!) & asked her why she was on her own & where were her friends. She said she was with that guy over there right at the front of the dance floor with his hands in the air. I had completely forgotten about her.

Stella could be fun though no matter how much she was attracted to me & no matter how good she looked, it was very easy for me to stay cool & in control around her for one simple reason ... Stella was a fella ... She was taking the pills, had the boob job etc, though hadn't had the opp. Stella had even suggested that I finish with Sandra who was a former model, so we could live together though I said 'No, you can get that idea out of your head as it ain't gonna happen EVER!'

As I tell my story to Simon he comments that he is surprised that I was so accepting about having a transexual friend as he said he could remember me telling him quite a few sexist jokes when he lived with me. He then said, 'Well, we all have male & female hormones in us' & as it was a fact, I agreed.

He then told me that when he returned home from Spain he had had a relationship with a guy. I'm living in Brighton, the so called 'Gay capital of England' so it's no big deal to me & I realise that Sandra had been right about him. He then decided to tell me that he had seen several guys over the summer months & I was the first straight guy he had told this to. Maybe it was because he trusted me & because of what I had told him about Stella, or maybe it was because he didn't move in my social circle that made him feel comfortable to disclose his personal life to me. Well, if it made him feel better speaking about it, I was happy to listen to him, no probs.

Up until then I'm cool, though that changed instantly when he looked me straight in the eye & said, 'It suprised me, the first time I did it. The guy I was with, it wasn't camp or anything, in fact it was really MANLY!'

I'm sitting there looking all calm, relaxed & accepting while in my head I thinking, 'Jesus, I wanna puke! You're telling me TOO much!' The conversation then took a nose dive & a few seconds later I managed to say that Sandra must be waiting for me now & it was nice meeting up & we should do it again sometime. I never saw him again.