I enjoyed clubbing & partying with a group of girls in town. Four of these girls shared a house together & one evening they decided to invite me round to cook me a meal. I took a bottle of wine with me & I was treated like royalty all night. Good girls! At the end of the evening I thanked them all for a fantastic evening & just as I was about to leave, they asked me when was I going to invite them for a meal, so I said that I would invite them round the following week.

On the way home I was wondering how exactly I was going to manage it. I would take turns cooking meals when I had a girlfriend, though cooking for four girls who could prepare a meal like they did, was certainly going to challenge me. The following day, it was still playing on my mind as I bumped into a couple of female friends. I told them that I had invited some friends round for a meal the following week & was wondering what I could do about it. I thought I may have got some advice, though their immediate reaction was to ask me why I hadn't invited them too! They looked liked they may have been a little offended if I didn't invite them, so I said I would be happy to cook for them on the same evening.

A little while later I bumped into two more female friends & had a similar conversation & a similar reaction! I now had eight girls to cook for! I was getting myself in deeper & still didn't know how I was going to handle them all. A couple of days later I saw two more female friends & asked them what I should do. I got the same reaction from them too, so now I had ten girls to feed within four days & I wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

I asked myself, 'Who do I know who is really good with food & would be happy to help me & would like to meet a few girls?' I had a friend called Simon who was a natural in the kitchen, so I phoned him.

He agreed & invited me round to his place that evening to discuss a plan. Within 30 minutes of seeing him, he had given me a list of all of the types of food that we would need, where to get it from & at which market on which day.

The evening with the girls quickly arrived. Just 90 minutes before they appeared, Simon casually walks into my flat & into my kitchen & we began cooking. The girls arrived & I had then sat on the living room floor in a large circle. As each dish was brought out of the kitchen, they all cheered & clapped! Phew! The original four girls realized they had been out done, so they invited me round to their place again the following week to spoil me again!