My early London fetish experiences included an interesting club in the Oval called Indecent Exposure. The title of the club night hinted slightly at something to me so I decided to investigate. I ended up visiting it several times. I used to go with a handful of friends, usually organising our group though on one particular Saturday night I decided to go there on my own. I arrived early & as there weren't too many people there (capacity of approx 700), I decided to get a drink & do some people watching in the bar until the place began to warm up. I found myself a seat & gazed around me.

Within a few minutes a stunning Thai lady glided into the bar. She was dressed in an expensive looking powder blue leather trouser suit with a chiffon blouse underneath the waistcoat. Her hair & makeup was immaculate. I love oriental women. As she stood at the bar I caught her eye & she smiled over at me, a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth. She got her drink then walked over, sat down & introduced herself.

She was called Rose. We began chatting & within minutes one of her hands was resting on my knee. Five minutes later she had decided to sit on my lap. My hands were resting on her shoulders & as well as being a beautiful woman, I could feel she was toned up.\par
We continued chatting though I thought what was developing was happening rather fast & as the night had just begun, as well as making one of my legs ache a little, I decided to find another seat & have some space from her. Every now & then Rose would catch my eye & smile at me.

The club began to fill up so I decided to mingle, talk & dance. After two hours I wandered into the darkened dungeon. People were getting spanked, flogged & having candle wax poured over them to the background of classical music. In the centre of the room I saw Rose leant against a pillar. She smiled & with an index finger beckoned me over. I walked over & as she pulled me towards her, she began grinding herself against me & softly moaning as I told her I thought she was sex mad. I asked her if she was enjoying herself & she said that she was getting a little bored & that she didn't live too far from the club.

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes as she continued grinding & moaning. Of all of the people that were in the club that night, she was certainly one of the most beautiful & glamorous women there. Several of my former girlfriends flashed through my mind & I had to admit that Rose was in a league of her own. This was going to be a memorable experience!

I still hadn't kissed her though I was naturally getting turned on so I unbuttoned her blouse & slipped one of my hands inside her bra. I then realised that everything was not as it should be, as the bra was full of padding!

Fortunately for me less than two weeks previously, Tony a friend of mine who imports goods from Thailand had been telling me about the Lady Boys there. He said that sometimes it could be extremely difficult to tell which sex people were. He said if you meet one, look at the size of their hands or better still, check for an Adams apple.

As Rose continued her gyrating & moaning to the sound of classical music, my hands slowly went up to her face so I could check for stubble. My hands glided across her cheeks, hoping that she didn't realise what I was doing. Interesting, her skin was as smooth as silk.
My hands then gently moved down to her throat & there between my fingers I could definitely feel 'Roses' Adams apple! I told her/him/it that I had now decided to go for a dance. Rose's arms then enveloped me like a vice & she began begging me not to leave her so I had to prize her off me.

Phew! That was very close! Thank God I hadn't gone home with her! What amazed me most was not only Rose's looks & voice, it was her vibe & how she was projecting herself. Her energy communicated 'I am all woman'.