Sam called me in the week to invite me to her birthday party. Everyone was to meet at her local pub near her home, have a few drinks then go to her place. I thanked her for the invite, bought her a bottle of wine then a few evenings later, went to meet up with her & her friends in her pub.

When I walked in I bought her a drink, wished her happy birthday & then found myself somewhere to sit at a table where her friends had gathered. I knew some of them & was introduced by Sam to the others. I found myself sitting between two women who were in the middle of a conversation. The one on my left, Michelle, was saying to her friend, Paula on my right, that she was quite content with her career & social life & didn't particularly want to be in a relationship right now, though it would be nice if she could find someone to have uncomplicated sex with on a weekly basis. Paula was agreeing with her.

I'm looking them up & down & thinking to myself, 'This looks like an opportunity I might follow up.' A short while later we go to the party at Sams place which gives me a little more time to have a chat with both of them. They both seemed fine, one a little more attractive than the other. I didn't say what I was thinking though, as I weighed up the pros & cons.

A couple of days later I phoned Sam & mention the conversation I had been involved in with Michelle & Paula & I wanted to check out Sams' opinion of both of them too. They appeared to be ticking all of the boxes for uncomplicated sex, so I told Sam that she could mention I was interested in having sex with both of them on alternate weeks if they were interested. I then went off for a two week holiday & forgot about my idea until I when I retured home to find a message for me from Sam.

She told me she had a chat with both of them, though within the time I had been away, Paula was now in a relationship with someone, however Sam did say that Michelle was interested & for me to do the 'man thing' & give her a call. I phoned Michelle, had a quick chat & arranged for me to visit her the following week.

A few days later I'm walking to Michelles house on a sunny afternoon & I'm laughing to myself. I can't believe I'm about to knock on the door of someones house I've only spoken to for 20 mins, walk in & have sex with her! It's surreal. I find the house, go up to the front door & knock. A few seconds later the door opens & Michelle is standing there & I could see that she had put some effort into dressing up well for me.

She invites me into her living room & offers me a glass of wine. She begins chatting away though before I sit down I say, "Hold it. Before this goes any further I want to know exactly what you want from me & then I'll tell you exactly what I want from you", I wanted to lower the odds of there being any confusion.

She confirms that she would like to see me perhaps once each week, just for a straighforward sexual relationship. I listen carefully to make sure I haven't missed anything & then agree with her. I haven't even finished drinking my glass of wine before being led into the bedroom.

Two hours later I emerge with a smile on my face & as I'm walking home, I continue to smile as I realise I've got sex on tap with a glamourous woman, without having to be involved in a relationship. Excellent!

This carries on for a few weeks, then Michelle decides she wants to see more of me, so I start to visit her twice a week. A little later she decides she is getting too emotionally involved & as I haven't changed my perception of the arrangement we have, she decides she has to stop seeing me. I say it's cool & focus on the positive.

Just over once week later Michelle contacts me again to ask if we could begin to see one another again, so I say that's cool. I start going round to her place again for three more weeks & then she says she is getting to emotional attached again, so this time I call it off permanently. We are still friends. Good experience.