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    Trance Guest

    Default Side effects of PUA

    It's interesting to note that one inevitable though possibly unexpected positive knock effect of using Pick Up Artist Psychology has on facets of your life, has little to do with seducing women.

    I noticed that in a relatively short period time (several months) that although I had considered myself reasonably confident, PUA stretched my social skills & took them to another level.

    I now not only have the confidence & competence to approach any woman I choose to & begin to interact positively in most situations, I also find myself unconsciously approaching anyone I want to that interests me. That is quite a handy social skill to be able to develop.

    It also interests me to realise that several of my clients want to have this ability, which they have told me, they consider as important as seducing women.

    We may have the best intentions at heart, we may also have some very good ideas or useful skills & knowledge to contribute towards society, though if we lack the self confidence & competence to communicate these effectively to another human being, we may as well be invisible.

    This is one recent example of how PUA has had a positive effect on me. I had a bad cough & flu recently which is rare for me. My energy level dropped & I didn't go out unless I needed to for three weeks. I still wanted to enjoy myself & do something stimulating so I thought I'd work on my guitar technique. One of the techniques I decided to work on was playing much faster. With concentrated effort & a metronome I began to make good progress, though wondered how I could improve my technique even more.

    The other day I wandered into HMV & I spot one of the worlds top guitarists, Gary Moore in there doing some shopping with his wife. I know he can play incredibly fast, so without thinking, I walk straight up to him & ask him if he could give me a few tips of how to improve my speed. He smiled & was glad to tell me. I thanked him, shook his hand & told him who I was, then walked off.

    A year ago that would not have been possible for me, or if it was, it may have taken a bit of hesitating & trying to think exactly what to say before approaching him. I wouldn't say that all PUA psychology is useful as nothing is, though the good stuff is VERY useful for developing our social skills.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Side effects of PUA

    Amen bro!!! PUA skills go far deeper than just getting girls, far far deeper. It's a development of the self. We are, in large part, a generation raised by women. The media has emasculated us for the most part. What Fight Club says about men is really true. I see a PUA "journey" as a journey into manhood, with sarging and success as rights of passage of sorts. I am by all means a different man than I was at the beginning of September when I broke up out of a 2.5 yr long LTR. I just ingested so much PUA material for months and put it into action, and I've dated more women in the past 2 months than I did before I met that last LTR girl.

    But it is often not the success with women that is the most satisfying (ok, maybe it is). It is hearing your loved ones say you look great because you have been hitting the gym or P90X hard and fixed your style. It's the feeling of satisfaction with yourself and the direction of your life even if one girl flakes, so that it doesn't really bother you, you just pity the fact that she missed on some great times, legitimately, and not to make yourself feel better. It's also the male friends I've met, and the leadership skills. I think every man, particularly single college age men, needs to undergo a PUA Journey by picking up The Game and going from there. Even the orthodox religious guys, everyone needs to learn these social skills and life will "taste" much sweeter, to borrow a reference from Marie Antoinette.

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    Trance Guest

    Default Re: Side effects of PUA

    Thanks for the reply man. I was coaching a guy last week on approaching & made it clear to him that we need to practice with anyone. I'll chat with an old lady at a bus stop or approach just a bunch of guys. It's a really useful skill to learn.

    I'm pleased to hear that you are having some positive experiences. It's certainly worth the effort.

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    Kryptic Guest

    Default Re: Side effects of PUA

    This is very true. All throughout my life Ive had the best intentions and I also happen to be very creative so I used to come up with these brilliant solutions to problems but I could never share it with people unless they were my close friends. Although I'm not 100% there I feel really committed and I'm glad I chose this path.
    Thanks for motivating me even more

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    Trance Guest

    Default Re: Side effects of PUA

    Thanks for the reply. I don't believe we can become 100% at anything, though that's the goal, if we want to improve ourselves.
    Committment, flexibility & consistent action are the keys. A sense of humour helps too!

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