Hey guys,

Something that has really impressed upon me lately was the fact that for success with women, you really need to know who you are, what you're about, and own yourself. This means if peacocking is not at all congruent with your personality, don't peacock. If you're a "rockstar" or "hip hop," be it, but do it very well and stylishly. If you're the businessman, be the businessman. Yes, some women will not like the rockstar, some might not like the business man, some might not like the flashy club guy, but you need to own yourself and be who you are. I am a mix between the rockstar and the businessman, and I'm really starting to own that lately, and it's boosted my confidence so much.

You need to find out who the heck you really are, and go from there. As the rockstar (mostly what I represent, I even have the earring I ought to take out for certain things...), sure, I don't get the dance-dance club girls, I don't get the really solidly conservative girls, and I don't get the "hip hop" girls. But I do get the rocker chicks, and I do get the professional girls, and the cool church girls. Those are my type of women, and I'm their type of guy, and I play to that by nature.

You need to own yourself and know your story, even those that may dlv you in some circles. If you are a video game developer or work in a game store, you need to own that, that's you. It doesn't matter if you can't get certain HB's, there are HB's there for you. The mere fact that you cannot get certain girls being who you are is something that works in your FAVOR, because it keeps out the girls who aren't truly your type.

Now, don't use owning yourself as an excuse to be a poor fat slob with horrific social skills. You need to be your best self, regardless of your story and role. I am the best rocker/professional dude I can be, and I am a jack of all trades kinda guy - I love music, I am devout with my religion, I like politics and I really want to be an novelist and love writing. I own that, and I stay on the high end of my own role. Doing this will really help everyone's game.

I first got thinking about this when an HB rejected me, I think, because she didn't like what she saw when she Googled me. I wrote for a political publication, I am serious on my theological writings, I even had some things related to video games in the past. Bill Preston encouraged me to "own" that after I posted about controlling your Google results and how mine "harmed" me. It really came together for me while using Steve Nash and Christian Hudson's material - they all say the same thing. So, if there are any of you out there who do not know their story (in a positive way - maybe you're the underdog whose coming up in the world, if your life hasn't been great thus far), and do not know who they are or where their passions lie, I admonish you deeply to take this time between now and New Years to sort these issues out. That way you can go into the New Year with a lot of confidence, knowing who you are, the type of girls (and friends) you want in your life, and have something to build your life - including your style - around. Of course many of you already do own yourselves and knew this long before I did, but I hope this can help guys who are particularly new to this all.