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    zalogarcia Guest

    Default What To Say While Dancing...

    I've always wondered what is the best thing to say while you are dancing in the club with a girl. Since you are dancing, its mostly non verbal communication, but I find it kind of awkward if I don't say anything to the girl, especially when I don't know her that well, and she isn't drunk.

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    Default Re: While Dancing...

    Your right it is nonverbal. But the dance floor is also a trap! When i go dance, just dance and have a good time. Dont worry about what to say just dance. Game when you get away from the floor... not on it

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    Default Re: While Dancing...

    well Ive been going to parties lately and its really easy to dance and get there contact information, this has been field tested by myself and I have to say I succeed 6 times out of 10 , that aint so bad if you ask me, well first you should try to dance with them, I personally just put my finger through the loop hole(where the belt is inserted) of there jeans and give it a gentle pull, make sure to flash a little smile or if she isnt wearing jeans place your hands on the small part of her back and scream "care to dance" or just simply take there hand and pull them towards you gently do not force her at all.After the dance you pull out your phone and ask if she has an email or facebook etc , how you continue from there is up to you

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: While Dancing...

    I think, aside from dancing well, the only things you really need to do is maintain/make eye contact and Kino sometimes (heck, if she's ok with it).

    Yeah, you can also smile at her then later on, maybe discuss each other's dancing or comment on a song (if you ever go somewhere that plays it, or you can just bring it up, lady gaga's alejandro and her backup dancers at the grammy's i think, that's a topic you can have much laughs over and if you're able, you can end up discussing what you wear in bed or if men in tights like those are attractive... sorry, my cousin just came in with his friend with that name and I remembered how much I laughed over that number)

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