Send a box of chocolates, must be some like the imagine, exclusive kind with a romantic few appearance.
Send her a garland of red roses. Nothing says it more than a dozen roses.

Send small, unforeseen gifts to show that you care. Think about what your partner’s hobbies or interests are. The gift could be a book, a gadget or as straightforward as a packet of his pet sweets.

chant a few lines of your ‘special’ song into his voice mail. You can even you some online singles dating site user to get more idea about song or dreamy line.

Brag about your spouse to friends while he is close. It will make him feel like a million dollars.Get more dating tips on

Buy her jeweler. For some reason, women like rare, luxurious rocks and metals. The more the merrier, but more often than not, just the thought of receiving jewelers from her man is sufficient to make her smile all day.

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