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Thread: Attitude

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    MelbStud Guest

    Question Attitude

    Most of us would agree that the key to becoming a successful PUA is attitude.

    My question is this:
    How can I cause myself to have the right attitude?

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Attitude

    The long, serious answer would be to have that paradigm shift, from fearing you'd be rejected to believing you're generally attractive, have much to offer and that even if people, not just girls, don't respond positively... it's okay and your happiness, worth and future doesn't depend on those momentary setbacks.

    The short answer would be... practice makes a PUA with the right attitude.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Attitude

    I believe attitude is earned through challenge and contemplation during austerity or hardship.

    What gave me the right attitude was playing sports again, getting in good shape, and filling my life with positive influences, such as reading Scripture, attending church, doing charitable deeds, and the like. This made me feel that I was a good person to be with, and boosted my self esteem. In addition, I began thinking about what I truly desired in a woman. This got me screening women, so instead of being needy or trying to "win" with a girl, I was trying to learn about her as a person, and thus less nervous and could focus more on being charming and funny.

    Austerity is important. There are multiple "feminine energies" in the world, such as music, desert, movies and other luxuries. Do away with luxury for a time. Perhaps go into the woods alone with some water and some basic food and spend time contemplating your true path, and if you believe in Him, pray to God and ask for guidance. I rid my life of video games, TV, good food and more for days and embraced my suffering. Once I did away with these pleasures, my edge was allowed to sharpen, and as I had nothing to dull my suffering, I grew determined to lead a great life and meet a great woman. Any anxiety died as I became entranced with what truly mattered, and put away the distractions. The left over boy in my life died, and I became a man with a serious mission.

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    MelbStud Guest

    Default Re: Attitude

    Another great response Raven. Unfortunately the system won't let me add to your reputation. I'm an atheist but I'm pursuing spirituality more along the lines of the new age movement. I like the idea of austerity and I should go out and camp again one day.
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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Attitude

    Or, you can go fishing and let that teach you some patience, hehe.

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    jammyL Guest

    Default Re: Attitude

    Patience is a virtue baby...

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    hako Guest

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    Everytime im going to face a woman i say to myself "this is just practice for when i meet *insert name of a unreachable woman, in my case Eva Angelina* so its just a practice for FUN" When i go with that Mindset im completely relax and sharp

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    Default Re: Attitude

    BODY LANGUAGE! I am killing myself for not finding this video. But in one video David Wygant walked down the street with a small group of men and started talking to women, and asked what they thought about their attitude/demeanor.

    Result; All the women liked the guy that was leaning back and had his arms crossed. Whereas they didnt like the guy that was listening intently, leaning in etc.

    So attitude starts with body language. And im still kicking myself for losing that vid, its on youtube somewhere


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