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    Mitch22 Guest

    Default I have a few noobie questions

    Hey everyone, im new to this whole pick up game, and basically have a few questions to ask just to clarify things:

    1) Mystery says "What a women says, and how they respond, are two entirely different things" .. What does he actually mean by this, can someone please give me an example, just so im sure. Cheers.

    2) I hear the term Indicator Of Interest being used alot. What are these exactly?

    3) Replication value?? What is this exactly, and how does a person increase it?

    Sorry, if these are really basic questions, but i just want to be sure im getting it all right.

    Thanks, Mitch

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    Sam Guest


    Hey man, the first thing you should do is read "The Game" by Neil Strauss and The Mystery Method, those two books are really great to get you into the community. About your question:

    1) He wants to say that women tend to say one thing while they feel something different. If u ask a woman what does she like in a man, shell probably tell you that she likes to be treaten good, get gifts, etc, but the reality is that women r often atracted by guys who tease them and dont treat them right. Its not the best example you can get, but i think you'll get the idea

    2) An ioi is something the girl does to show interest in you. They include touching her hair, leaning towards you, touching you, giggling a lot (specially about something that its not funny), etc

    3) Never heard about it, maybe someone else can tell you about it

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    RokStarz Guest


    Replication value is how good or bad partner you seem to be.

    Mystery explains this saying that this is part of women instinct, their are looking for a potential mate, a partner than can full fill her sex needs and can reproduce.

    How do you increase your Replication value ?

    Having women around you, looking sexy, going to the gym, etc...

    In a nutshell:

    If you look that you get laid and you develop trust then you have a good replication value, if you are around women and you look confident then you have good replication value.

    Replication value is a way women rate how good provider a men can be in the future.

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    Mitch22 Guest


    Thanks for the responses Cool

    So a guy seeks replication value over suvival value when looking for a potential mate?

    What diffrentiates between a women with a high replication value, and a women with a low replication value?

    Guys are more interested in how a female looks, but evolutionary speaking, what would be wrong with mating with a lesser attractive female over the Hot Babe, when both have the ability to produce healthy offspring?

    I know im more attracted to the hot babe, but I want to know why in terms of evolution.

    Thanks again


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