Recently I have been pondering as to the specific benefits a bootcamp would bring me. An improvement in my pua skill set, health, lifestyle, confidence, fitness could all benefit from the guidance provided at a bootcamp. Unfortunately going to the highly popular US bootcamps or even a UK (By UK I mean London) would take too much time that I don't have because of university and work commitments at the moment.

However I have recently learned of a more local group providing such a bootcamp. After reading all of their website's content and reviews I have seen. They genuinely seem to be of a high quality and possibly worth my time and money.

I briefly threaded this into a conversation I had with one of my buddies (not directly, but what do you think of ... sort of thing). He pretty much just laughed it off, joked if I was actually going to one, said I was good enough with girls already. But from my perspective being 'good enough' by everyone elses standards pretty much makes me an AFC. Which is not good enough by MY standards. Although I think my bud is pretty much the closest I've ever seen to a 'natural' in the flesh.

So I've pretty much decided to go to this bootcamp the next weekend I get off of work. I think this will be a worthwhile investment of my time and money. I'm not saying I shall be perfect after this, nor that it will be the ultimate in PUA. Or that I shall never attend another bootcamp. But a more local game from experienced guys might be a good starting point for me to get some serious game time. Also to make a proper start as the only time I game at the moment is on nights out. Which is at least twice a week.

Any thoughts guys?