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    Grimbo Guest

    Default My Routine that I came up with (String of Routines to # close/kiss close)

    Initial approach to HB:

    Grimbo: I'll take a minute of your time, help me solve this argument I had with my friend please.

    HB: Answer: (Most Likely going to be sure/what is it)

    Grimbo: Do you think Magic and fate really exsist?

    Hb: "Answer"

    Grimbo: I don't really know what to think, but I think its a really cool subject!!

    HB: "agrees probably" (If she says nothing after a few seconds move on)

    Grimbo: You know what, you seem like a really spontaneous person.

    HB: "she will definently agree here" (ELICITING VALUES and possibly laying an emotional Anchor)

    Grimbo: Yeah, I thought so. I learned how to read palms awhile back, lets see what Magic and Fate (Grin at her) have in store for you.

    (Start Reading Her Palm at this point) Look it up under the mystery method here: Mystery Method - The Easiest Way To Pick-up

    You can either suggest its too loud and suggest moving to a new spot so she can hear you better at this point. If she is with a group it probably wont work there, but you will demonstrate social proof as every girl within the freakin zip code is going to be asking you to read her palm now. (You can give in, and HB will want your attention more and more) If she keeps pestering you, neg her and say "She is very pushy isnt she"?

    After you have sufficiently ignored and negged her, turn to her and suggest going to a quieter spot.

    Say: I want to tell you something

    HB: What

    Grimbo: (Taking her hand) Ill tell you when we get somewhere quieter.

    When you get there, shell be impatient to know.

    Pull something out of your ass here like, I just wanted to tell you, you have such beautiful eyes. (This is my weak spot in the routine gentlemen, help would be appreciated.)

    After you pass this stage you must begin to build comfort; namely rapport, emotional and physical connections.

    Start by trying Styles Elicition Values Routine here: This to generate rapport (YOu should have been mirroring from start to do this) Style'S EV Routine - Style, Close, Seduction Tips, Dating Pickup Routines

    Next move onto building an emotional connection, Id use the ESP method here. ESP Routine - Mystery Method, Seduction Tips, Dating, Pickup Lines

    Id do this because, its so simple to use this since the opener was "magic and fate"

    Once that is done, youve got the rapport and emotional connection.
    Next is testing the waters physically. Try some Kino Tests and see how she responds:KINO-tests - Seduction Tips, Dating Grils, Pickup Lines, Style

    Next say

    I can really...feel...a... a...positive energy right - (Stop in mid sentence and look into her eyes)

    Slowly go forward for the kiss close.

    If she rejects that, just say "What, I thought you were spontaneous and passionate"

    Do your do from here on out, and good luck mates. Crituiqe this and post how it went in the field. I'll let you guys know how this worked out for me!

    Grimbo out

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    Grimbo Guest

    Default Re: My Routine that I came up with (String of Routines to # close/kiss close)

    This worked well for me guys, and it seems to work better if you switch the esp withthe palm reading. (ESP to open, and palm to value raise). Or you dump ESP entirely and use another emotional bridger

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    Default Re: My Routine that I came up with (String of Routines to # close/kiss clos

    Looks good!

    Maybe you could say, "You have beautiful eyes...especially your left eye," if you wanted to keep that line- that's the only way on Earth I'd every say eyes and beautiful in the same sentence to a girl though.

    Here's one that I'd pull after landing somewhere quieter.
    You: "Ah, that's better..."
    "Yeah, totally, what're you gonna tell me?"
    You: "What?"
    Get closer.
    "What're you gonna tell me?"
    You:"Speak up woman, seriously?"
    "Come on!"
    "Ow! I can't even remember with you yelling in my ear like that."
    (just make sure to be playful and Kino a few times).

    Just dickin' around basically until you move into the dhv's and rapport. I think the ESP and palm reading routines are sick, but I never actually use them because I didn't take the time to really learn them. One that I love is Style's Ring Routine, I use it probably three times per sarge.

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