Alright everybody so I just like to make this for myself and other people to get ideas of good games to play with girls. Cause I have recently discovered I am an advocate of them they really are wonders to your game. To start off here are my favorite two:

Three things about you
Just ask them to tell you three things that you should know about them off the top of their heads. And make sure to tell them the first things that come to mind. In exchange you tell them three things about you. I have had so many different things told to me from rather boring ones to really revealing things like just recently I had one girl tell me she was "a very curvy lady" hehehe checkmate. Oh and do make comments on what they say. Also Make the things about you vague but interesting for example my three are
1. I lived in Melbourne, Australia (I currently live in the US, girls here are somehow fascinated by AUS stories its like an addiction, Aussie mates you have an in here)
2. I have a shark bite across my chest from when I was little
3. I find that a person's eyes tell alot about them, hence I find that the most attractive quality usually (HUGE, I MEAN HUGE indicator of intent but also with some mysterious stuff, I have gotten tons of comments about this one and ran cold reads and all sorts of things off this)

2. Rate Yourself Game
Found this one on here and has become my new favorite for a variety of things. You can escalate, build comfort, and attraction all in one game. Also great to read the type of girl you are dealing with for later strategics. It goes like this: Lets play a game I am going to say some subjects and I want you to tell me how you would rate yourself 1-10. Thats it have fun

If everybody else could put their favorites down too that would be great Bill I know you know some good ones.