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    Default Re: How do you think ON THE SPOT when your mind goes blank?

    Dude I dont know if im allowed to say this but who cares, Smoke WEED lol

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    Default Re: How do you think ON THE SPOT when your mind goes blank?

    Quote Originally Posted by kzuu View Post
    How come this happens??? Can anyone recommend some material or exercises on being able to recover when your mind goes blank?

    I sometimes 'visualize' the situation and can easily cruise along my routine. This doesn't just happen to me with pickup, it happens with public speaking too. I can go over my speech easily beforehand but once I'm in that position, I just stammer and sometimes there's an awkward silence. Why does this happen? Is it just anxiety? And how can you overcome it? Is it practice, or is there something I'm doing wrong (like thinking too far ahead)?

    Also one more question, a friend of a friend of mine was once told by a psychologist (not sure if it's true) that it's possible to "exercise certain parts of the brain" that can "help with spontaneity", anyone know if this is true?
    You nailed it on it being anxiety. Dr. Phil's Mature Masculine Power talks about courage being the only thing that defeats anxiety.

    Unfortunately, if you already see yourself making mistakes, you are bound to trip once or twice before getting it right. So don't gather courage directly with very important things (such as public speaking for a job or univ presentation.) Start with small ones: Try telling a story to your group of friends. Gather their attention and go at it. If you mix or mess up, they might give you crap about it, but they're your friends ..who cares? Or better yet, start going up to random women and see what happens when you let it all out. Odds are you'll look like a schmuck once or twice, but you'll never see the lady again. So who cares?

    That's two examples. I say two cause that's how many times I messed up and looked like a dipshit in front of my audience. Now I could care less and my spontaneity has exponentially increased.

    It's like physical or mental exercise. The first time it hurts or seems impossible (or in your case, you blank.) As you get past it, it just becomes an anecdote.

    Remember my name lady, you'll be screaming it later.

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