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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: recommend hidden camera and or microphone

    Why not upload on youtube so more people can learn? Just tinker with the comments section so you also don't get blasted with non-constructive criticism, hehe.

    Anyway, you can also just use your phone, you know, to record your conversations.

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    Default Re: recommend hidden camera and or microphone

    i received my pen hidden camera n mic. works great. i have the option to record 3 hours of video. so again i'm a beginner (cutflow) i have been single for all my life. and now i have decided to fight my ego and all its negative thoughts and take action and approach girls @ the mall at the end of this month. in time to hopefully find a girlfriend before valentines (i'm sure there are girls out there that are thinking/asking themselves if they're going to go lonely for valentines, or simply not have a choice and go with their f-buddy if they have one) well thats the Mindset that i'm thinking and told myself hey, every girl is thinking like that so let me change that, but can only change that for one girl. also my bday is on march. so yeah i want a gf for my bday as i would like to party friday/sat w/ my new gf lol.

    i have expected myself to spend 4-5 hrs at the mall, also i will eat there. i will sarge alone. i have 4 guy friends who are naturals but they're just expertise at one area like gorge is a flirting expert, and has no other skills. none of my friends have approaching skills nore do they care to learn PUA. where i do. i find it interesting to know about body language, inner game, outer game + the sub-forums in those areas etc.

    i also have text files of my PUA Text collection on my phone so i can always sit down after i approach someone and review some notes and maybe try something and start testing out certain techniques/routines like dhv etc for example.

    i will definitely post it on these forums under approaching and hopefully ill get feedback on some routines/techniques i should have done at certain times etc and maybe things i shudnt done/say etc

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