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    SpringBreak Guest

    Default Mints and Breath Freshener

    It's probably the least of a PUA's worries but how do you guys keep your breath fresh? I've fairly befriended our dentist and brush and floss. But what's an alternative to mouth wash that sting? I'm not a fan of mints too only because I don't much like the taste of mint. Anybody else with the same prob? I don't want anyone saying I have bad breath but I also just really hate stinging in my mouth.

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Mints and Breath Freshener

    Chew gum regularly. You can get all sorts of flavours that will prevent bad breath. Avoid any sugary ones. Or alternatively you can buy spray's that you can use every couple of hours. Do this after every meal.

    Brush your teeth twice a day at the minimum. I do it 3 times one in the morning, one after dinner and one before bed. Just ensure you use some sort of breath freshening implement EVERY TIME after eating. I hope this was of help to you man.

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    Default Re: Mints and Breath Freshener

    In addition to regular brushing after meals, these two things are critical to fresh breath:

    1. Floss at least once a day. That is the only way to get the gunk out from between your teeth. If you don't believe me, smell your floss when you are done.. it will be disgusting.

    2. Get one of those hard plastic tongue brushes and use it at least once in the morning before brushing and once at night after brushing. You will see some funk on that also (again that is what is causing your bad breath).


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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Mints and Breath Freshener

    That's a very good point Bill. I forgot to mention those. Definitely pivotal aspects to healthy gums and teeth.


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